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Band: Raging River
Title:  City Birds
Genre: Hard rock - Alternative Rock
Self release
release date: April 19, 2018


1. Alcoholic Bound
2. A Million Degrees
3. Rock Bottom
4. Reptiles
5. Circles
6. Black Ink


Abele Sangiorgio - Singer
Oliver Gambarini - Lead Guitar
Luca Stignani - Drums
Andrea Barbieri - Bass

Raging River is an alternative rock band from Milan, Italy, with a self release, the EP “City Birds” on April 19, 2018, the band shows its  roots, seventies rock  with a fresh and electric style.
There are six pieces in this work and none of them loses a beat, specifying this, we pass track by track.
“Alcoholic Bound” opens “City Birds”, a dynamic rock piece made of reminiscence thanks to guitars works, ‘dirty’ rock as it should be, first shot marked.
Brilliant guitar for the intro of the following "A Million Degrees", direct vocalizing, incessant rhythm and fantastic bass, a raw and direct piece that splashes pure energy with its mood.
Great line bass for “Rock Bottom”, an explosion of sound with catchy chorus, appealing track that shows again how cool this band is.
More harmonious and bluesy is the following “Reptiles” in which, perhaps, rhythms are more punchy than the previous tracks, Once again the voice sounds powerful.
“Circles” is an explosion with a psychedelic sound that may vaguely remind me of the early Red Hot Chili Peppers.
"Black Ink", a shady and darker piece, ends this brilliant work, very interesting the bass line and the rhythm that structurally make this track a gem. 
A beautiful debut for Raging River, made of robust songs, a dip in the past and feet well planted in the present, a retro taste that will delight all fans of pure classic rock and its seventies roots,  “City Birds” music to your ears and spirit.

Valeria Campagnale



Raging River - “Alcoholic Bound” Official Video