Prophets of Addiction, review, Nothing but the Truth

Band: Prophets of Addiction
Title: Nothing but the Truth
Genre: Rock
Label: HighVolMusic
Release date: Oct 26, 2018


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1.American Dream
2.Altar of Altercation
3.Babylon Boulevard
5.Last of the Words
6.Spare the Bullets
9.Heart of Mine
10.Return the Smile

Lesli Sanders - Vocals, Bass
Glenn Gilbert - Guitar


Lesli Sanders’ Prophets of Addiction are back with the intense acoustic album “Nothing but the Truth”, ten brand new songs, intense and emotional pieces.
An album for dreamers and nostalgic, for those who remember the splendor of Hollywood Boulevard and for those born after and discovered the glam rock sleaze only later.
Already announced by the two singles “American Dream” and Hollywood, “Nothing but the Truth”  gave to understand the album it would not have been the ‘classic’ rock album, but much more.
It’s with “American Dream” the album opens, a nostalgic look at the past, in which each of us can mirror ourselves, in our lives dreams do not change, expectations either. We grow but we remain dreamers, linked to the past, to the choices made. The fabulous voice of Leslie manages to put the right accent in all context. A song that capture from the first vocalization and bland guitar notes, a simply piece that manages to capture with the refrain, and the structural melody.
The following “Altar of Altercation” is not less in terms of emotions and feelings, with a musicality that brings me back to Hanoi Rocks in some way.  Lesli’ voice transports into an enjoyable
atmosphere, in a journey to nowhere, paraphrasing the lyrics. Good piece with blues veins.
Just another nostalgic and great song is the following “Babylon Boulevard” in which Lesli Sanders’ voice is more warmer and soft,  a big, hollow voice.
“Talkin” swings between blues and country veins for an amazing piece painted of great style, one of those pieces that put wings to the soul
The cheerful “Last of the Words”, one of my favorite track, sees a brilliant piano, a catchy sound and bright guitars.
Another good song, “Spare the Bullets” already my favorite since the first listening, it will be for the melancholy atmosphere, for the touching shades or simply for its compositional structure, fact is that in my opinion is a highlight of this album.
“Hollywood”, it’s a magical time travel into the golden age of the Sunset Strip, so loved by every hard rock die-hards, beautiful song, excellent guitars and great voice.
“Atmosphere” and “Heart of Mine” are just two gems of this record, absolutely touching and deeply the airs.
The last track, “Return the Smile” is simply amazing in its suffering atmosphere, another proof, as long as it is needed, of how deep and intense “Nothing but the Truth” is.
As I said earlier, this album is for dreamers and for those who will never stop believing in that rock with which they grew up.
A rock not only made up of make-up, sequins, excess and boldness. Lesli Sanders is proof that rock has many facets and nuances, it can be thoughtful, sad and cheerful. It can make us smile, it can make us cry, to entertain and to think. It is precisely for these emotions that music can give us, that we continue to believe in our dreams.
Prophets of Addiction are back with so many emotions and they made such a touching album.

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Valeria Campagnale


Prophets Of Addiction - “Hollywood” Official Video