Poor Little Things, review

Band: Poor Little Things
Title: Poor Little Things
Genre: Glam Rock
Release date 14 June, 2018


1. Rock’n’Roller
2. Break Another Heart
3. Drive
4. About Love
5. Street Cheetah

Tina Jackson: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Claps and slaps
Fernando Marlboro: Drums, Percussion
Dave Talon: Guitar, Guitar synthesizer, Bass, Synthesizer, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Percussion

Two weeks ago, during my holidays, I received an email from Tina Jackson, asking me to review the EP of Poor Little Things. I listened to the songs and I liked them when I first heard them.
Debut EP for Poor Little Things is a brilliant work, that sees Rollerball guitarist Dave Talon with Tina Jackson on vocals in a seventies rock mood like a ‘cliché’ at the first listening but who doesn’t like rock’n’roll?
It’s "Rock'n'Roller" to open the homonymous EP, with a pretty T-Rex imprint, a very good piece to start to know this duo from Switzerland.
So catchy and cool the second track “Break Another Heart”, in which the voices of Tina and Dave harmonize in a perfect way.
“Drive”, the third piece is more closed to the eighties sound and an energetic style, Poor Little Things travel through rock, having fun and making fun, just another good shot,  three out of three, good sign!
“About Love” is more  a quieter song in which its mood it leaves to the listeners the emotionality of the composition and imagination flight.
Closing the EP, we find” Street Cheetah", a classic brilliant piece, so hot and cheeky in its rock style.
“Poor Little Things” is a fresh work, recommended to everyone wants to have fun, to listen to easy catchy rock, a surprising EP will that will delight any fan of a rock from the seventies with echoes of the eighties. Such a good debut!