Artist: Peppe Giannuzzi  Title: Heavy Adrenaline Genre: world/rock/prog prodotto: Blond Record  distribuzione digitale: CNI

Artist: Peppe Giannuzzi   
Title: Heavy Adrenaline
Genre: world/rock/prog
Label: Blond Record
Release date: 2 March 2018


1.Celtic Goddess 
2.Illegal Strings      
3.Just for Me      
4.Heavy Adrenaline      
6.Dream On 
7.Secret Island 
9.Zio Joe      


Mattia Cavaiola (Guitars)
Enrico Conte (Keyboards)
Daniele Marcianò (Bass)
Giovanni Indino "Indio" (Drums)

Enchanting, I can use this adjective to define Peppe Giannuzzi's album.
There are albums that go straight to the heart and deep in the soul of the listener, "Heavy Adrenaline" is exactly one of these. second solo album, after "Violinazer" (Videoradio 2013)
graduated in Viola at the T. Schipa Conservatory in Lecce in '95.
“Heavy Adrenaline” contains 10 original tracks, the track # 10 CHIOVE is a poem by Maestro Gianni De Santis, recited by his brother Rocco De Santis.
in the other 9 tracks you always remain in rock sounds, sometimes sweeter, sometimes more aggressive, sounds that change in the same song in some cases.
the passion for rock guitarists, especially Joe Satriani, leads me to use my instrument, the violin, as if it were an electric guitar, taking out atypical sounds and phrases for the instrument and very pleasing to those who listen to a certain type of music , exploring sounds and genres ranging from classic rock to Irish rock to word music.
The album is opens by the beautiful and cheerful “Celtic Goddess”, a Celtic ballad, a concentrate of good music in pure harmonious style with Gaelic mood with the addiction of the hypnotizing violin’ notes, a very good piece of pleasant sound.
Notable the second track “Illegal Strings”, absolutely brilliant guitars in a duet with Peppe’ violin, a whirling piece that attracts in its own spirals in a row of notes, a decidedly breathtaking piece.
The follower “Just for Me” is quieter, a melodious music to listen to with eyes closed to savor the delicacy, harmony and poetry that are contained in this passage, a journey through the musical sensibility of these performers. With a sound that takes up a little the Celtic call, I can imagine myself on a cliff between nature and infinite space.
With the title track “Heavy Adrenaline”, the band transport us in a different place, heavier than the previous track, this piece remembers some Led Zeppelin echoes and the seventies prog sound. Absolutely brilliant the bass line of Daniele Marcianò and the Enrico Conte’ Keyboards.
“Xerenade” takes you back to a quieter setting in which Giovanni Indino’ drums is well harmonized, another track to listen more than a time to savor in its entirety beauty.
“Dream On” back me into the past, to “Labyrinth” soundtrack movie, in its beginning and in some other points of this piece. Just another fabulous tale contained in this album, a tale as I consider this work as a book to appreciate in its single chapter.
“Secret Island” is another piece full of grace and harmony, just like the follower “Daylight”, while “Zio Joe” draws bluesy sound, prog, symphonic, Celtic, drum n bass in a fantastic musical intertwining. One the highlight piece of this album, difficult to choose which piece is the best of this work as every track is word itself.
In this poetic album, the end is the poem “Chiove” written by Maestro Gianni De Santis, recited
by his brother Rocco De Santis.
“Heavy Adrenaline” is a great work in which everyone can find himself, every soul can find the right chapter in this album, a beautiful delightful music. An elegant and hypnotizing work, chapeau to Peppe Giannuzzi who managed to get excited with his notes and his creativity.

Valeria Campagnale