Parris Hyde, Undercover 1, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal
, Freemood

Artist: Parris Hyde
Title: Undercover 1
Genre: Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Label: Freemood
Release date: 30 March 2018

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1. Living Next Door To Alice
2. Bad Romance
3.House Of 1.000 Corpses
4. Lost Reflection
5. No Place To Call Home
6. 2nd2no1 (Video Version)

Line Up:
Parris Hyde: Vocals
Paul Crow: Guitar
Max Dean: Bass
Karl Teskio: Drums

The Italian heavy metal band Parris Hyde, will release on 30 March the new EP entitled “Undercover 1” which includes four covers, an unreleased track and the “video version” of the single “2nd2no1”. This EP anticipates the new upcoming album with new pieces.
The band was born thanks to Parris Hyde, singer, musician and composer born in Milan, he gave his name to his new band formed together with Paul Crow (guitar), Max Dean (bass) and Karl Teskio (drums).
The band plays a combination of old-school and modern metal with a shocking horror approach. In 2013 and 2014 they release a 4 songs EP "I Killed My Wife With A Knife”, welcomed by webzines and specialized press, and the Christmas single "Metal Bells". In 2015 the track “One World” was included in the compilation “Opening Rock Party Vol. III” (Sinners & Saints Records). In the same year they participated with two cover versions from Iron Maiden ("Flash Of The Blade" and "Fear Of The Dark") and with the original composition “I Killed My Wife With A Knife” to the “Halloween Night” and “Horror Night” compilations (WSM Music – SoundMultimedia) In 2016 Parris Hyde release their first album “Mors Tua, Vita Mea” (Freemood). Two official videos, “2nd2no1” and “Life On The Line”, were also released. In march 2018 a new EP titled “Undercover 1” was released, including some covers and one original unreleased track.
In absolute preview, Rocker And Other Animals has the chance to review “Undercover 1”.
With this EP, the band choose different kind of music styles, starting with the opener “Living Next Door To Alice”, by Smokie, one of the highlight of this work, thrilling guitars, rapid rhythms, catchy chorus and the deep and intriguing voice. A kind of punk metal version for a song originally co-written by Nicky Chinn and Mike Chapman, released by the Australian vocal harmony trio New World in 1972 and later became a worldwide hit thanks to British band Smokie.
“Bad Romance”, a Lady Gaga’ cover, a bizarre choice from this metal band, that gives a new style to this song, while maintaining the original musical aspect, chorus included. In somehow a good reason to listening to a Lady Gaga song.
Rob Zombie’s “House of 1.000 corpses” is the follower track, the right choice for this band so shock rock addicted, a very good version and I can easily image Parris Hyde band on stage in the perfect a circus horror mood.
“Lost Reflection” a Crimson Glory’ cover in which Parris pays homage to his favorite singer, Midnight (John Patrick Jr. McDonald), died in 2009.
A touching song, a poetic and chilly piece in which Parris manages to reach the shades and poetry of the original song, such a good emotional version.
“No Place To Call Home”, song written in the “Mors Tua, Vita Mea” recording session, in which it wasn't included, having a little bit different mood, a sort of energized and metallized blues song. This piece is the good photographical attitude of this band, the music style is less heavy but the Parris Hyde mark is pretty evident in this track, a very personal approach to the band style, a well done piece in its blues sound striations.
To end this interesting EP, there’s the track “2nd2no1”, here in video version sound. A piece already included in the album “Mors Tua, Vita Mea”, another chance to know in a better way Parris Hyde, for the one that didn't know them yet. Speed metal for this track metal guitar riffs and a pressed rhythm, accompanying the voice in continuous crescendo.
I liked this Italian band since “Mors Tua, Vita Mea”, it has an extra gear, a different attitude respect to some Italian metal bands. Music is the expression of soul and these guys have a deep personality.
“Undercover 1” will be an opportunity to know them in a better way, for those who follow them already, to shorten the timing waiting for the new album. Good work guys!

Valeria Campagnale

Parris Hyde - “2nd2no1” Official Video