Band: Paolo Carraro Band  Title: Newborn  Genre: instrumental progressive rock  Release date: 9 February 2018

Band: Paolo Carraro Band
Title: Newborn
Genre: instrumental progressive rock

Label: Self production
Release date: 9 February 2018


1. Introduction 1257

2. Exeptions

3. Prog’n’Roll

4. Blue Jay River
5. Beck in Town

Paolo Carraro: Guitar
Daniele Asnicar: Guitar
Federico Saggin: Bass
Federico Kim Marino: Drums


Paolo Carraro Band is an instrumental progressive rock band founded by Paolo Carraro, a guitar player from Vicenza (Italy). His music is characterized by several influences, from 70s classic prog rock to modern metal elements, fusion and blues influences. The band is composed by four members: Paolo Carraro (guitar), Daniele Asnicar (guitar), Federico Kim Marino (drums) and Federico Saggin (bass). In the last five years the live activity of the band was concentrated especially in the North of Italy, including the participation in some national contests, where he received very good feedbacks both from critics and audience. In 2013 the band recorded a demo-EP titled “You’d Better Run”.
Paolo Carraro Band on February 9, 2018 released the brand new EP “Newborn”, a very elegant work based on notes of guitars.
AOR melodies dominates in the first track "Introduction 1257”, a very pleasant piece to start this EP, the soft sounds continue in “Exeptions” with a more pronounced personality, given by the jazz veins
"Prog'N'Roll", the title itself explain the musical atmosphere that you can breathe in this piece, a really good slice of these genres.
The follower “Blue Jay River”, a fusion of psychedelic and bluesy sounds, just another brilliant piece.
"Beck In Town", gives us extra blues melody that interacts perfectly with a fusion sound.
"Newborn" is a beautiful excursion through velvety sounds, imaginary parallel worlds that intertwine in such a way as to create a beautiful atmosphere. Difficult to make a totally musical work of extreme interest, the Paolo Carraro Band, has succeeded in its intent, to attract attention, not to bore the listener and to fascinate with a processing of more than excellent notes.
Waiting for a full album, let's enjoy these five pieces of music.

Valeria Campagnale


Paolo Carraro Band  "Newborn"  Album  Teaser