Overhung, Title Moving Ahead, Genre: Hard Rock, Release Date: 16 February 2018,
 Label: Test Your Metal Records

Band: Overhung
Title : Moving Ahead
Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: 16 February 2018
Label: Test Your Metal Records



Track Listing:
1. Sex Machine
2. Insane
3. Waiting
4. I Don’t Believe Her
5. Through The Slime
6. Waste
7. I Am I
8. Must Drink
9. Casual Bitch
10. You Think You’re So Cool

Sujit Kumar – Vocals
Howard Pereira – Guitars
Crosby Fernandes – Bass
Sheldon Dixon – Drums

Overhung is a Mumbai based Rock/Hard Rock band their first full length debut album entitled “Moving Ahead” will be release on 16 February via Test Your Metal Records. Ten songs party addicted influenced by the 70’s and 80’s hard rock, the album itself is a thrilling work with glam rock lines.
I’ve listened this album more and more, as it’s didn’t convince me at all, not so much for
the the proposed product but rather for the non-originality of the music.
I can say this four piece is a pretty cool band, their music style is a pleasant mix of different American rock bands of the golden ages as Seventies and Eighties and they just extrapolate the right side of those days.
The songs are more or less similar to each other, some of them seems in perfect Beatles style, heavier, like “I am I” or “I Don’t Belive Her”, others are more close to Guns ’N’ Roses, like “Insane” or “Through The Slime”, or Led Zeppelin in “Must Drink”, that’s not a bad attitude, it’s just a personal tribute to the rock scene. With the positive debut album ‘Moving Ahead’ that will to be re-released in 2018 via Canadian label Test Your Metal Records, Overhung offer their music to the world.
Honestly the band is quite good, the album itself it’s a brilliant presentation as musicians but there’s a lack of personal view of rock. With their musical capacities, they could have done better, with a touch of individuality.
Still, this album is a good product, impeccably played with a perfect production. Hope the guys will propose with the next work, a very personal album, because I reiterate Overhung is such a good band.

Valeria Campagnale



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