Orphan Skin Diseases

Band: Orphan Skin Diseases
Title: Diseases Dreamy
Genre: Alternative Rock/Metal  
Label: Logic Il Logic Records/Burning Minds Music Group
Release date: 13 July 2018


01. Into A Sick Mind
02. Flyin' Soul
03. The Storm
04. Rapriest (Stolen Innocence)
05. Do You Like This?
06. As A Butterfly Grub
07. Awake
08. Leave A Light On
09. Sorrow & Chain
10. The Wall Of Stone
11. Waves
12. Just One More Day - She Was (Intro)
13. Just One More Day - Fatherend
14. Just One More Day - She Was (Outro)

Gabriele Di Caro – Vocals
Dimitri Bongianni – Vocals, Backing Vocals
David Bongianni – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Juri Costantino – Bass, Backing Vocals
Massimiliano Becagli – Drums

"Dreamy Reflections" is the official debut of the alternative Italian rock / metal band Orphan Skin Diseases,  , released via Logic Il Logic Records/Burning Minds Music Group.
Orphan Skin Diseases, founded by the drummer Massimiliano Becagli, with a past in the historians No Remorse, later joined by Gabriele Di Caro (formerly Sabotage, former Outlaw at the microphone), Juri Costantino (formerly Creation al Basso) and David Bongianni (former Virya, Little CB on the guitar).
An album lasting seventy minutes minutes containing  rock and metal in atmospheres between various inspirations of dark mood.
I could count this album in an alternate genre but, substantially the air that we can breathe in these fourteen songs, is impregnated with a very intense dark and in all its musically nuances.
It’s just from its beginning, with “Into A Sick Mind”, that we can appreciate the stylistic choice of the band, style that continues in the follower track “Flyin 'Soul”, a bit 70’s mood and metal prog with great guitar work.
The atmospheric beginning of “The Storm” take us into a deep gloomy journey, one of the best piece of “Diseases Dreamy”, halfway between a dirge and awakening shocks. such a good piece, and we’re only at the third song…
More heavier “ Rapriest (Stolen Innocence)”, “Do You Like This?” with a Spanish intro, while the beautiful ”As A Butterfly Grub" is more progressive, in which the voice is in narrative style with melodic music parts, just another highlight, I just love it.
Absolutely more catchy “Awake”, more closest to my rock genre, a bit 'punk, a little' rock, definitely a song that is musically light compared to the songs heard so far, a breath of freshness and carefree in this suffocating summer.
We return to darker and slower atmospheres with the good “Leave A Light On”, brilliant chorus, good vocals and music, a beautiful intertwining for this song.
Metal style and mood for “Sorrow & Chain” and “ The Wall Of Stone”.
To close the album ”Just One More Day", in three parts: She Was (Intro), Fatherend and  She Was (Outro).
Just metal for the first part, the second one is a ballad, while the third part is acoustic.
It is not easy to describe this concept trio in words, as there are more emotions that they give. A singular idea that manages to capture all the attention and, trust me, it does it in its entirety, just to listen it and not to talk about.
Orphan Skin Diseases made a brilliant debut, excellent the raspy voice of Gabriele Di Caro, excellent the rhythm section as well as the guitar parts and, only for the originality of this album, if I had to give a vote, which I do not normally do, it would definitely be 9.

Valeria Campagnale



Orphan Skin Diseases  - "Flyin' Soul"  Official Video