Northern Lines The Fearmonger Instrumental Progressive Rock/Fusion Sleaszy Rider Records   Metal Message

Band: Northern Lines
Title: The Fearmonger
Genre: Hard Instrumental Progressive Rock/Fusion

Line Up:

Guitar: Alberto Lo Bascio
Bass Guitar/Synth: Stefano Silvestri
Drum: Cristiano Schirò (Chris)

1 - Mast Cell Disorder

2 - Session 1

3 – Shockwave

4 – Nightwalk

5 - Session 2

6 - Machine Man

7 – Meteor

8 – Jukurrpa

9 - Towards The End

10 - Apathy Fields

11 - Most People Are Dead

Northern Lines is an Italian band, founded at the end of 2012, starting their activity in 2013, they’re three musicians: Stefano Silvestri on bass, Cristiano Schirò on drums and Alberto Lo Bascio on guitar. 
The album is quiet good and its perfect into the rock classics genre where each song surprises in this album.
"The Fearmonger" release in January 2017 (via Sleaszy Rider Records), shines through the addition of special instruments such as piano, synthesizer and Hammondorgel parts.
Nothern Lines celebrate their atmospheric art with all their devotion.
In “The Fearmonger”, death is the leading theme, death seen through the eyes of fear, a paralyzing emotion, but of surprising effect nonetheless. "The Fearmonger" sees the addition of piano, synth and hammond sections, which make up the pivotal points of the creative variation from Northern Lines. Besides being instrumental, it tends to put in the same pot different things, like environmental passages with progressive guitars, followed by acoustic moments. Not so much, but it's what it sometimes seems. This kind of thing obviously has the risk of not always sounding good or cohesive. Fortunately this is not the case. Despite the numerous stylistic passages, this is an album that is heard very well and that just does not enter immediately because we cannot always get their hooks.
The first track “Mast Cell Disorder” is a beautiful instrumental piece where the piano is protagonist in a music’s voyage to the whole album. Another great track is “Nightwalk” where rock, synth and blues are mixed together to create a new kind of sound. Some Spanish sound in “Machine Man” while in “Jukurpa” we’ve an impact with an epic sound that takes us in a long ride to the old wild west or so it’s my feeling. Melancholy vibe in the great “Apathy Fields”. To close this particularly album, “Most People Are Dead”, a placidly sadness envelops us in its noteworthy atmosphere.
 A good work for this trio, an ambient stylish music for the fusion music enthusiastic. 
Well done.

Valeria Campagnale

Northern Lines  "Meteor" Official Video