Band : No Chrome Title: Feel The Rust Genere : Hard Rock Label Hellbone Records Release date: 30 January 2018

Band : No Chrome
Title: Feel The Rust
Genere : Hard Rock
Label Hellbone Records
Release date: 30 January 2018


1.Burning Nipples    
2.Drink Before To Die 
5.Summer Boobies     
6.Rabbit Kill Again 
7.Raise Your Hate 
8.Motor Pinball         
9.Bleeding On The Rockfalls     
10.Masterpiece Of Rock'n'Roll 

Luca Peirone: Alias Hellbastard - Voice e Guitar (rhythm and solo)
Gianluca Fruttero: Alias Hollywood - Mosrticiattoli: Bass
Alessandro Dalmasso: Alias Dalma - Drums

Can I already start the review by saying that "Feel The Rust" is a fantastic album? How much raw energy do No Chrome have? Much, a direct rock, bare and raw, a rock without frills and without frills.
No Chrome, is an Italian hard rock trio, born from the ashes of the cover rock Rabbit Kill Again, in 2009. In 2011 they debut with the album "Carburator" which contains 9 pieces
a re-recorded version of the old "Skull # 11" piece.
Here again the band with the new work "Feel The Rust" released in January 2018 through Hellbone Records.
"Feel the rust" has the flavor of the long dusty streets of America, those , those to be ride in the saddle of a Harley Davidson, a bit 'as a vision of the American dream seen in a rock style, because basically there is not only the Sunset Boulevard rock but also that wild one.
No Chrome are just that, their musical soul is raw and wild, a bit 'to Lynard Skynard to be clear, a mix of hard rock, southern blues and western rock, with the addition of a good dose of excellent guitar presence, robust and massive.
Already from the notes of the opener "Burning Nipples" you can savor this sonority that manages to conquer immediately in its listening.
Very good sound, good grip and a very catchy rhythm, in short, it's healthy hard rock & roll, and if it were not among the promotional notes, you would never say that these three guys are Italians.
The rock continues to flow in "Drink Before To Die", another great piece rough and scratchy, guitars always very present, perhaps inspired by the sound of the good Zakk Wylde.
Third track, third good proposal of the No Chrome that with "Godzilla", can be even catchy in the refrain and in musicality, giving good 'vibrations' for those who grew up like me with a genre that leaves no breath and even a moment of break time.
Great bass in the intro, and beyond, of "Carburetor", always excellent the voice, here deeper than the previous tracks, even in this fourth track, the No Chrome conquer more and more with "Feel The Rust".
"Summer Boobies", unlike the previous track, is more carefree and cheerful, a classic piece in perfect harmony with a more light-hearted spirit, 'easy' and light, the guitar solo very remarkable.
And so we continue on the dusty road with "Rabbit Kill Again", lashed with go-go guitars, a pressing rhythm and the voice that until now has not lost a beat.
Rather bad in his mood is "Raise Your Hate", if until now the No Chrome have conquered me from the beginning, with this song is definitely to be counted among my new favorite bands, great guys, great sound proposed, so as on the same line is "Motor Pinball", more raw and dirty but always full of all American rock charm.
What to say instead of "Bleeding On The Rockfalls" if not that is the ninth scary song with absolutely fascinating sounds, very rock'n'roll atmosphere with an almost metallic grain.
Unfortunately, the album ends and to end with a flourish is "Masterpiece Of Rock'n'Roll", a really interesting piece, which contains the essence of the band, heavy guitar, a bluesy sound and a look always turned to the street style, always perfect the bass line, the drums that here give great vent in the final, a captivating voice and mighty guitar.
More than approved No Chrome with this fabulous album "Feel The Rust", if you love good healthy and old hard rock, then this is the album for you, you will not be disappointed because these three guys know how to excite and give away that that rock should always be direct, powerful and carefree.
"Feel The Rust" is the perfect column of a journey, wherever you are headed.


Valeria Campagnale