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Band: Nitro Zeus
Title: i. anomaly
Genre: Alternative Rock 

Release Date:  15 March 2019




1. All Fail
3. Sweet Sanity
4. The Crawls of Parliament
5. Augment


Drums – Hurst
Guitars – James V
Bass – James T
Vocals – Zichxyna

Australian rock band Nitro Zeus presents EP “i. anomaly”, five tracks that go from punk to alternative rock
passing through death metal, various musical influences in this band.
EP opens in Black Sabbath mode and mood with “All Fail”, not very imaginative track but I must admit that the voice supports the entire song between growl and clear tones.
“LTES” changes style with its more rock fresher sound and a pretty thrilling guitar, while in “Sweet Sanity”  remind me too much Nick Cave and his suffered voice, well interpreted by Zichxyna, a good piece, perhaps the best of this EP.
“The Crawls of Parliament” has a sound aimed at the seventies with hard drums and heavy rock guitar with an addition of blues tones.
Deepest voice in “Augment”, a song that seems to come from the 80’s English New Wave.
Its seems Nitro Zeus are more at ease with these dark and hypnotic sounds than with strictly heavy.
Nitro Zeus is definitely an interesting band whose strong point remains the voice and I repeat, the darkest and most melancholic sounds.
A varied EP that will appeal to those who appreciate multi sonorities in a single work and “i. anomaly” contains many of the musical influences of the past directed towards the future.
Nitro Zeus is a band to keep an eye on, absolutely.

Valeria Campagnale

Nitro Zeus  -  “Augment”  Lyric video