Neuronspoiler, Second Sight, Heavy Metal, Dissonance Productions

Band: Neuronspoiler
Title: Second Sight
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release date: 20 October 2017
Label: Dissonance Productions


Reclaim Your Faith
Slay The Beast
This Is Revolution
The Brave One
Queen Of The Darkness
Hidden Agenda
Heart Of A Lion
Murder City

JR Vox- Vocals
David del Cid- Guitar
Erick Tekilla- Bass
Pierre Afoumado- Guitar
Matthew Monroe – Drums


Neuronspoiler are a heavy metal band from UK, formed in 2009 who released their EP “No One’s Safe” in 2010 and the debut album “Emergence On Pandora” in 2013. The 2017, the band released “Second Sight”, containing eight tracks.  Heavy Metal is reductive as genre, to describe exactly the Neuronspoiler’ style, it passes from prog, going through thrash, reaching hard rock. My idea of British Metal is another word for Iron Maiden and all the NWOBHM, maybe in the timeframe between that era and the new generation, the metal scene has suffered from lack of good ideas and a close connection, sentimental as well, with fans and heavy metal.
Well, now it seems something is changing, it’s time for Metal to reborn with a new blood.
Neuronspoiler are here with their “Second Sight” to show how make things right and they do with an interesting album.
Good the opener “Reclaim Your Path”, an angry and speed piece, great sound and energy for this track, the band knows how to surprise.
The second track “Slay The Beast” is thrilling is its powerful music structure and so the same for the follower “This Is Revolution
”, which is more harmonious and decidedly riches of interesting elements, absolutely a good piece. 
Classic Metal in pure Saxon style for “The Brave One”, where melodies are intertwined with heavy sound.
“Queen Of The Darkness”, is another very good piece, more captivating sound has the track “Hidden Agenda”, highlight piece for sure, while more melodic rock for “Heart Of A Lion”.
“Second Sight” is closed by the annihilating “Murder City”, pure Heavy Metal and pure passion in this track.
In conclusion, Neuronspoiler is such a brilliant band that shows with “Second Sight” how bright and intense is the new Heavy Metal era, it will never die, it just needed to be regenerated. Horns up and make way for Neuronspoiler!


Valeria Campagnale

Neuronspoiler - "Slay The Beast" Official Video