Band: Nemesis Inferi
Title: Bad Mess
Genre: Rock Metal

Label: Fuel Records
Release Date: 19 January 2018



01. Never on your mouth
02. Breaking Bad
03. Hate my name
04. Rising
05. Anything Anymore
06. Bad mess
07. Crawling in the dust
08. Vertigo

G.M GAIN - Vocals & Guitar
FAZZ - Guitar
DANIEL - Bass & Backing Vocals
MATTEO - Drums

Lead Vocals on " Rising " by Daniel
Backing Vocals on " Crawling in the Dust " by Riky Anelli

The band, founded in 1997 as Symphonic Black Metal, produced the album “Sins of Eden (Northern Darkness)”.
In 2005, with renewed preparation moving its musical proposal towards a modern Rock / Metal but with vintage references.
After several concerts, with bands like Tankard, Crowbar and Moonspell, just to name a  few, the group with the producer Jaime Gomez Arellano (Paradise lost, Ghost, Solstafir, Duomo, With the dead) produces the new album.
Nemesi Inferi strted in June 2017 to work to “A Bad Mess” at Orgone Studios in Woburn, England, the album is released via Fuel Records / Self-distributions on 19 January. This new work contains eight songs of pure hard rock and metal, with atmosphere and melody moments, the lyrics themes alternating from sex to hatred, love to death, insanity to sickness.
Nemesis Inferi are back with determination and a powerful groove reaching as the hard rock as melodies, making the eight song contained in this new work, a good album.
The opener "Never On Your Mouth" in which the heavy guitars are aggressive with tenacity and steadiness vehemence, good voice and rhythms that accompanies in a granitic way the whole piece.
Same aggressive line for the follower “Braking Bad”, a heavy rock that’s able to convince how cool Nemesi Inferi
 are, a good piece for a radio show
“Hate my name”, here one of the highlight track of the album, rough and aggressive, such a good piece, with brilliant guitars and raw voice, made this song an original one. Bombastic is the track “Rising”, pure energy in this hard rock track, a rock dyed of metal tones. “Anything Anymore” far from the traces listened until now, dark deep sound, cavernous suffered voice that bring me to the 80’s dark mixed with industrial music, another highlight of “Bad Mess”, in my opinion. Thanks for this beautiful gem.
Aggressive rock for the title track “Bad Mess” as for the more melodic follower “Crawling in the Dust”, both of them are good pieces, interesting and in which the band manages to show its more personal music style.
“Vertigo” closes the album, another powerfully and aggressive track, perhaps the best way to close this interesting work, brilliant guitars and great rhythmic that accompany the voice as a protagonist.
“Bad Mess” is a good album, no flaws, nothing out of place, good job,  Nemesis Inferi!

Valeria Campagnale


Nemesis Inferi - "Anything Anymore" Official Lyric Video