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Band: Mutonia
Title: One Way Ticket
Genre: Alternative Rock
Release date: 22 August 2016


The Runner
One Way Ticket
Generation Z(h)ero
Get Away

Prostin - Guitar/Vocals
Fabio - Bass/Synth
Maurizio - Drums

Mutonia is an Italian rock band formed in 2009, debuted with the album "Mutonia Live 2010-2011", the following year the EP "Gain From Waste", it is the turn of the album "Blood Red Sunset" in 2014 which precedes "Wrath of the Desert" released the following year.
In 2016 Mutonia released “One Way Ticket”,  the EP I'm going to talk to you about today, five tracks whose main adjective I can find is the fire of the natural rebellious soul of a deep, granitic rock.
Just from the beginning of this EP, the band makes clear its roots of a pulsating rock in “The Runner”, a piece in which hot guitars are supported by an obsessive rhythm that accompanies a beautiful rough voice, a touch of grunge and lots of good hard rock in this opening track.
Same mood and same vibrations in the following "One Way Ticket" in which stands out a darker and more intimate sound, very good rhythm section with a solid drums and a hammering bass.
"Generation Z(h)ero", of which the band has just released a video, is even more rooted in grunge sound, representation of an intrinsic sound with a deepest atmosphere created by a game of guitars and bass. A song that together with the previous one is one of the best of this work.
Definitely more aggressive and invigorated  is “Get Away” , another good track in which Mutonia manage to express her verve and inordinate attitude towards an extreme rock with punk veins.
Always on the same line of impact is the closing track, "N.5" is in fact one of the focal points of the album in which the band as well as stripping bare its soul rock, manages to involve and convince with distorted guitars and rhythmic obsessive, in which he manages to let us participate in a massive sound and make us immerse in their own vortex.
In short, even if three years have passed since the publication of this "One Way Ticket", and if you haven't had the chance to listen to it yet, I recommend it, Mutonia is worth much more than listening.


Valeria Campagnale


Mutonia - “Generation Z(h)ero” Official Video