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Band: Misty Bliss 
Title: Misty Bliss
Genre: Rock
Label: Black Market Music
Release Date: 8 December 2018


Line Up:
Mina - Vocals, bass
Dr Gab - Guitar, vocals
Al - Drums, backing vocals


1. Misty Bliss
2. Deep Desire
3. Love Confession
4. Take on the World

Misty Bliss is a power rock trio from Geneva, Switzerland.
Te EP “Misty Bliss” was released on December 8th 2018 via  Black Market Music and it contains four tracks.
The band's music is a wave of melodies made to thrill all quiet souls and all those who want to stimulate their senses throughout music. A time machine that travels from blues to psychedelic and from garage to alternative rock.
Each of Misty Bliss' member have their own story and share different musical influences, which allows them to make a mix of several cultures, mentalities and emotions.
Distorted riffs, powerful vocals and bold energy on stage, "Misty Bliss" doesn’t waste time with futilities and goes directly to the point... It’s a love story, it’s a story of “mutual thrills” between the band and the audience.
I can recognize PJ Harvey influence, and some 70’s rock style, all in a very modern sound, starting with the title track “Misty Bliss”, in which the voice is so deeply and involve.
“Deep Desire” sees besides the electronic veins, good and vibrant guitar.
Such a great rhythm line for “Love Confession” a song definitely more rock but without being aggressive.
on the contrary, “Take on the World” shows the most aggressive soul of the band and in which the voice is more raucous and gritty.
Honestly I don’t know which track is better than another as Misty Bliss gives different styles of their music, elegant in hand and rampant in the other.
I just can hope to hear a full length from this band with incredible potential soon.

Valeria Campagnale


Misty Bliss - "Misty Bliss" Official Video