Band: Mirrorplain
Title: Path of Salvation
Genre: Alternative Rock / Metal
Release date: 08-09-2017


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01. Fortune
02. Mirrorplain
03. Salvation
04. Eternal Jack
05. Reparation
06. Unsought
07. Angel Without Wings
08. Tower Of Babel
09. Jerz Off (Bonus Track)

Christian Döring - vocals, rhythm guitar
Jeremy Vollmert - lead guitar, vocals
Sascha Drendel - bass
Kevin Ax - keys
Nikolas "Uli" Hoffmann - drums, vocals

Mirrorplain, the German Alternative Rock / Metal band, after two self-produced EPs, are ready for the very first time with their album “Path of Salvation”. The work is likeable, some songs are pretty good vision of their own style, that creating the listening of the album.
The opener “Fortune” is such a good start to appreciate this band.
A beautiful organ opens “Mirrorplain”, Iron Maiden guitars echoes in this track.
More aggressive with a personal sound is “Salvation” but always a look at the classic metal, good piece.
Beautiful “Eternal Jack”, there’s something majestic in this song, an intensive track. One of the best song of the album, well done.
An intimate song is the ballad “Reparation” that remind me Metallica’s "Nothing else matters" in its intro, to evolve into a different kind of sound, another brilliant track.
“Unsought” back us to metal again, and it does with an energetic sound, another great shot.
Soft tones for “Angel Without Wings”, that accompanies to the brilliant “Tower Of Babel”, where the clear voice and a brilliant piano cuddle in a crescendo of notes.
Last track is the “Jerz Off” that remind me a mix between the very first Red Hot Chili Peppers’ style and Nirvana’s music, resulting a nice combination that reach to transmit good vibrations.
In conclusion, Mirrorplain can conquer every heavy metal heart, their music is simple and direct, an amalgamation of different styles and good technical music.  Catchy and professional, “Path of Salvation” is a good album, a fascinating work.


Valeria Campagnale


  Mirrorplain - "Salvation" Official Video