Minorfase, review, “5 Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening”

Band: Minorfase
Title: “5 Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening”
Genre: Heavy Rock
Release date: 1 August 2018


2.Reckless Appetite 
3.Nightmare Blues
5.Five Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening         
6.Junkie Wired

Ilias - Vocals/Bass
NIkos - Guitar/Vocals
Angelos - Guitar
Sakis - Drums



We already had the pleasure of meeting this Greek band Minorfase, during the interview already published.
As already wrote, it all started when Nikos and Angelos met Ilias in a live bar of Thessaloniki in 2005. They all participated in various musical bands since children and decided to create a cover band that marked the beginning of a successful 10 year journey in Thessaloniki's, Larissa’s and Volos’ music scenes. This 10-year fermentation of musical ideas and influences took shape in 2016 and Minorfase were born. 
In November 2016, the first demo of the band 'As I am' was released and in the summer of 2017 the debut EP entitled '' Thoughts '' was released.
They have released a video clip for the songs 'Thoughts’ and 'Moneymaker’, this year, the band released  the second album titled “5 Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening”.
Active with a lot of live shows presenting their first EP and their second Album, Minorfase have shared the scene with Planet of Zeus, Potergeist, Black Hat Bones, Puta Volcano, Hidden in the Basement, Sober on Tuxedos, The Restoned, Dendrites, to name a few.
Six interesting brand new track in which the band expose their musical concept in heavy groovy parts and melodies, a sound that characterizes the spirit of Minorfase.
Their Heavy Rock already convinced by the title track “Denial” in which good heavy and deep tuned guitar is  the pillar of this piece that manages to convince on first listening.
Same for “Reckless Appetite” with a drum intro followed by guitar with the addition of a melody given by both the musicality and the Ilias’ voice. Good atmosphere to breathe fully.
The third track “Nightmare Blues” is a brilliant song with southern roots an original approach to a heavy rock blues.
The following “Psycho” is one the highlight of the entire album, in my opinion. Great piece made with seventies sounds, psychedelic with the addition of a sound typically oriented towards to metal.
Everything is perfect in this track, just a very good song.
A 'cry' to individual freedom in the refrain there is also:
“whatever they say
don't listen to
whatever they want
never give it them too
whatever game they play
don't take part to
it's up to you to define your life”
Absolutely brilliant also the the title track “Five Symptoms Of Spiritual Awakening”, in which you can breathe an air of extreme tranquility, an inner peace that leads to reflect on Life, Death, Nature, Peace, Magic, topics that mention precisely in the short speech. A piece to listen carefully to savor every single note.
“Junkie Wired” closes this interesting album, a closure that oscillates between quiet notes a closure that oscillates between quiet notes, and a more pressing rhythm, almost rocking us constantly for the duration of the piece.
Minorfase is a band that has its own talent and style, An album recommended for those who are not fossilized on a single genre, for those who love heavy rock and melodic-oriented metal.
I wish the band to reach a worthy and deserved goal.

Valeria Campagnale






Minorfase - “Psycho” Official Audio