Artist: Mindfeels

Title: Xxenty
Genre: Melodic Rock, AOR

Label: Art of Melody

Release Date: November 17 2017



01. Don’t Leave Me Behind

02. Soul Has Gone Away

03. Hidden Treasures

04. The Joker

05. Skyline

06. Speed

07. These Words

08. Fear

09. It’s Not Like Dying

10. Touch The Stone

11. The Number One


Davide Gilardino: Lead & Backing Vocals

Luca Carlomagno: Guitars, Violin & Keyboards

Roberto Barazzotto: Bass

Italo Graziana: Drums

Special Guest: 
Christian Rossetti – Keyboards

The Italian AOR band Mindfeels, started its career as Toto tribute band, formed as  Dejanira in the 1994, and, after the necessary line-up changes, they changed their name to Mindfeels. They chose the name to represent their love for Toto, in particular, their timeless album “Mindfields".
With a new lineup, the band released the album” XXenty”, via Art Of Melody Music & Burning Minds Music Group. 
Eleven songs, where Mindfeels show the love for American AOR, proposing a good and intensive work. The album itself is varied in its style, with the AOR sound always present in each track, and offerings an excellent debut for Mindfeels, bragging 20 years of carrier, as the title “Xxenty” quote.
It’s the good rock track "Do not Leave Me Behind " to start this album, a virtuous piece where the band shows the its talent, melodious rock and good feelings for this song.
The band gives us good same mood for the followers "Soul Has Gone Away" and " Hidden Treasures", worthy pieces in pure Westcoast rock.
It’s time for the fourth track "The Joker", absolutely bright with an harmonic voice and good  arrangements, an amusing stirring music.
More sophisticate and elaborated is "Skyline" a rich emotional song, absolutely one of the best track of this album, with its strength passion.
Another great song is " Speed", huge bass line at its intro and for the entire piece, that gives a pretty good cadence and rhythm .
Top mark "These Words", a very soft ballad, that accompanies to the most flawless rock songs
"Fear" with a synth rock intro and "The Number One” which it doesn't have anything to envy to the previous track.
"Touch The Stone" with the brilliant bass and good drums once again, some soul sound for this song.
"It's Not Like Dying", it’s another great chance to value this amazing Italian band.
Mindfeels, talented group of musicians, rooted in the ‘80s AOR atmospheres, musicians that offer an impeccable sound. 
"XXenty" is made of good guitars solo, soft harmonies, great rhythmic and a pleasant and excellent voice, that make this work completely exciting.


Valeria Campagnale


Soul Has Gone Away