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Midnight Bullet
Into the Fire
Genre: Hard Heavy Rock
Label: Inverse Records
Release Date: May 3rd 2019


Tuomas Lahti - Vocals, guitar
Mikko Nokelainen - Drums
Lauri Ikonen - Lead guitar
Mirko Miettinen - Bass

1. Ain’t Dead Yet
2. Into the Fire
3. Rise
4. Over the Edge
5. One Man War
6. Second Chances
7. No Turning Back
8. Break Me First
9. Quiet Whisper
10. Morning Star
11. One by One
12. Leavings

Midnight Bullet release their third studio album “Into the Fire” on May 3rd, 2019, via Inverse Records, a work that combines heavy and punk music with tight riffs and melodies.
Anticipated by the single "Second Chances", "Into the Fire" is a promising album since the first track ”Ain't Dead Yet"  in which are evident traces derived from punk but also from a metal typically '80s in a very personal and new version. Great guitars and powerful rhythm accompany a rough voice that manages to be engaging even in the least aggressive moments.
The title track "Into the Fire" is an excellent metal song that embraces an even more aggressive and rhythmic style, more ferocious guitars, in the most classic Iron Maiden style, and always a really ductile voice. A very good heavy track. 
“Rise”, is a stunning track that moves towards a dark mood with an obsessive drums and a well interpreted multi-sung that adapts well even to the most airy variations, giving a sense of lightness.
In a swing of darker and lighter sounds thanks to the choirs, guitars resonate stirring the air. Another song with which Midnight Bullet hit the target again.
The next one is "Over the Edge", where the sound becomes lighter and oriented towards a more classic rock.
“One Man War” is a killer piece, takes you from the first note not to let you go, trapping in a net from which it is difficult to extricate, a canvas of large riffs it is one of the best pieces of this album.
"Second Chances" is perhaps the best representation of the soul of the band as it manages to enclose both the aggressive sound and the more melodic side of the quartet. With a voice that expresses its elasticity becoming changeable at every moment.
"No Turning Back" is a completely different song from what we've heard so far, it's in fact a very quiet and harmonic piece, a pause for reflection on the past of each of us, a past not to look at but to continue to go on in our lives and Midnight Bullet tell us in their own way, between so much melancholic sweetness and electrifying guitars, always great.
"Break Me First" brings us back to the sounds that have characterized the album so far, so much adrenaline and a captivating sound in this track where always appear metal veins and catchy chorus.
The following "Quiet Whisper" is another highlight of "Into the Fire", a melody on the arm with the right impetuosity given both by the guitars and by the rhythm, a song that manages to enter immediately in the head, it's a song I really appreciate. As well as "Morning Star" in its quietness, it manages to make its way into the turmoil of this record, with a delicate sound.
Since the quiet lasts little, here's another musical tornado with "One by One", with its rhythmic charge and a phenomenal bass, exceptional riffs for a musical structure well solid.
Closing even more aggressive with "Leavings" Midnight Bullet are once again able to get hold of the listener, with the characteristic that distinguishes them a heavy rock melodic that manages to keep high attention throughout the album.
Great album for Midnight Bullet, a great balance and a noteworthy musical resonance.

Valeria Campagnale



Midnight Bullet - Second Chances [Official Music Video