Metalwings, Fallen Angel in the Hell, Symphonic Metal

Band: Metalwings
Title: Fallen Angel in the Hell
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Labels Self-Produced
Released date 12 May 2016
Official Site

1. Fallen Angel in the Hell 
2. Slaves of the Night 
3. Ship of Shadows 
4. Immortal Metal Wings 
5. Crying of the Sun

Line-up (members)
Stela Atanasova : Vocals, Electric Viola, Keys
Grigor Kostadinov : Guitars
Krastyo Jordanov : Guitars, Vocals, Irish Flute
Kostantin Uzunov : Bass Guitar
Angel Kitanov : Keyboards

Metalwings is a quintet female-fronted Symphonic Metal from Bulgaria, recently they’ve released the self-produced debut EP 'entitled 'Fallen Angel in the Hell''.
Led by the vocalist Stela Atanasova, a voice full of grace and sentiment, almost angelic, that makes purer the tracks contained in this EP with her theatrical interpretation.
The title track “Fallen Angel in the Hell” has something closest to a mysteriousness air with keyboards and brilliant performances of guitar as well, a beautiful instrumental carpet.
The follower “Slaves of the Night” doesn’t differ to the previous song, their style is clearly
based on the symphony and the ancestral melodies, this’s a brilliant piece.
“Ship of Shadows”, based on an Irish ancient music, it’s one of the best piece of this EP, we can breathe a magic air  and a magical atmosphere, great voice and beautiful good music in its solemnity of execution.
Heavy music for the deepest “Immortal Metal Wings”, a song gloomier respect to the other songs, a touch of intimate music.
Ends this work the beautiful track “Crying of the Sun”, with a duet of female and masculine voice, amazing song, instrumentally well-structured.
All songs of “Fallen Angel in the Hell” run pleasant with their delightful notes and chorus, brilliant presentation for Metalwings with their debut, considering how much Symphonic Metal band there’re and reflecting this work is self-produced. For all the genre fans who will fall in love with this EP.

Valeria Campagnale


Metalwings – “Fallen Angel in the Hell” Official Video