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Band: Mayfair
Title: Frevel
Genre: Avantgarde Rock
Label: Pure Steel Records
Release Date:  14th June 2019

1. Evil Christin

2. Hinter dem Leben

3. Ungetaktet

4. Himmel in Gefahr

5. Gestern und nicht heut
6. Hitze

7. Der Teufel

8. Atme (Frevel)

9. Annelise

10. Phosphor

11. Das Ufer hat Zeit

Mario „le fate“ – vocals
rEnE – guitars
Martin „Medi” Mayer – bass
Roland „Jolly” Maehr – drums

Mayfair come back with the new album "Frevel" after their album "My ghosts inside" dating back to 2016, set to release on  14th June 2019 via Pure Steel Records.
The band's sixth album coincides with the thirtieth anniversary of the birth of Mayfair, what better occasion to celebrate with an extraordinary album.
I can't hide the fact that I've always had a weakness for Mayfair, a group of extraordinary dark poetic vein, growing up in the eighties I've had the opportunity to assimilate and follow all the new wave, between industry and dark, what today would be considered gothic music but that in reality, just like for Mayfair, was a wave that went well beyond the musical stereotypes.
Well, the band Mayfair manages to carry us with a calm emphasis through a journey that starts from that genre and then evolves into original sound.
Starting from "Evil Christin", the track that opens the album  which is completely  sung in German, you can see references to both a punk and the industry sound, through a marked dark sound.  "Evil Christin" has exactly that communicative ability that Mayfair are able to transmit with their own music.
More harmonious is the following "Hinter dem Leben", intimate and with sounds that range towards indie and in which the guitar of rEnE, and the bass of Martin, are always present as in the rest of the record, such a good piece with its air between ecstasy and goth.
"Ungetaktet" is more pressing, darker and more obsessive, a rhythm that manages to give the impression of being able to explode at any moment, thanks to Roland's ability on the drums. A rhythm that approaches a march while the voice of Mario, always emphatic in each song, here is even more accentuated and very theatrical in his sung similar to a suffering.
“Himmel in Gefahr” is a languid harmonic piece that with its quiet reassures us and caresses us with the delicate notes, an elegant piece, the same elegance that has always characterized this band step by step to others.
Completely different is "Gestern und nicht heut" whose beginning with a very light sound amazes for the lightness but Mayfair have always accustomed us to the blows of dinners and in fact the song changes, becoming heavier and bringing us back to a sound more akin to their style.
Another hypnotic track is the following "Hitze", caressing with a seductive bass and a bewitching guitar, with the sounds intertwined with rock, world music and always that melancholy dark vein.
The title track "Atme (Frevel) " is the umpteenth proof that the band manages to move from lighter melodies to atense darker arias, almost as if it were playing to confide us. A song with hypnotic and magnetic features, "Atme (Frevel) " is a beautiful introverted song that manages to give emotions with a sound that plays a lot on the bass lines and that is particularly gloomy.
What about "Annelise"? A rather bizarre and eclectic song, it manages to make its way into this album for its particular lightness and gentleness that turns, without even saying, into a cryptic piece.
Having almost reached the arrival straight with "Phosphor", Mayfair doesn't disappoint us at all, on the contrary, they still manage to surprise us with a piece that follows the style of the previous songs but that has the taste of an innovative piece between melody and distorted and heavier sounds.
"Das Ufer hat Zeit" concludes this album, an end that underlines the innate refinement to which Mayfair has always accustomed us, refined sounds and the undoubted capacity for artistic expression.
Mayfair are back with a tight leg with a refined album and those who simply consider them a prog band, will have a hard time trying to understand the intrinsic value of "Frevel". An extraordinary record of conceptual extrication that goes beyond any musical genre, Mayfai are confirmed as the best alternative band in both content and interpretation.


Valeria Campagnale



Mayfair "Ungetaktet" Official Video