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Band: MadHouse
Title: Madhouse Hotel
Genre: Hard Rock

Release Date: 29th March 2019


1. Ghosts 
2. Butterfly 
3. A New Spring 
4. King Without Crown
5. Walk This Road
6. Do You Believe
7. Got A Big Day Tomorrow 
8. Headshot
9. You're A Fake 
10. Ready To Fight

Federica Tringali - Lead Vocals
Filippo Anfossi - Guitar
Daniele Maggi - Lead Guitar
Michele Canevari - Bass
Ares Cabrini - Drums

“Madhouse Hotel" is the album of Italian rock band Madhouse, the female fronted band, with  Federica Tringali on voice, realized the first  EP 'You Want More' in 2015, receiving good  critical and public responses. Now the band is back with the brand new album in which the ten tracks that compose it correspond to a room in which each listener may find a different symbolic dimension.
"Madhouse Hotel" is a concentration of hard and heavy sounds, sometimes modern, sometimes old school. It's in this mix of sounds that the good catchy work of the band is concentrated.
Starting from the opening track "Ghost", the album is very captivating and gritty thanks to the Federica’ voice, or tracks like "You're Fake" with great choruses and very energetic drums in "Headshot”.
A pleasant, powerful track is “Walk This Road” that can transmit the energy that only a good rock can give. Also in this case, the choirs are always up to the situation, giving an extra gear not only to this song but to the whole album.
But Madhouse doesn't stop at these sounds, they go further, as in the song "Do You Believe" that with a vein of punk, and catchy rhythms manages to please itself.
Madhouse also play with an electronic style, very accentuated in the second track "Butterfly", never taking anything for granted.
The guitars are more than excellent, thanks also to the ability of Filippo Anfossi who manages to keep the sound high together with Daniele Maggi.
Even Michele Canevari's bass structures are able to stand out and create a brilliant, modern and fun style.
With the closing track "Ready To Fight", the band manages to sum up their spirit, gritty but easy listening.
An album that I recommend to those who want to discover the new generation of rock, especially Italian rock and even if nothing new is recorded, is one of those records that put you in a good mood, a pleasure to listen to thanks to the sound a bit flirty...and let everyone choose their own room!

Valeria Campagnale



MadHouse – “King Without A Crown” Official Audio