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Band: Love Machine
Title: Universe Of Minds

Genre: Heavy Metal
Label: Volcano Records

Release date:

Online: 02 February 2018

Physical: 23 February 2018




1. Anyway

2. Let’s Get Rock

3. Compromises

4. Star Rider

5. Point Of No Return

6. The Scorn

7. Scared For These Time

8. Maybe (A Second Life Reality)

9. Mama’s Call

10. Journey

11. Now Or Never

Line up:

Rob – Voice

Frank -  Guitar

Max – Guitar

Yako -  Bass Guitar

Andrew -  Drums

Lele -  Keyboards


Love Machine was formed in Milan in 1988 by the will of Frank Rider and Andrew Dal Zio. In 1990 the band released the first album of the same name. In January 1993 with the entry of the second guitarist Max Adams, the singer Drago and Fabia Andrechen on bass, the band released the second album entitled “Hungry For Your Love” and supported live on their tours with Saxon, Gotthard and W.A.S.P. In 1997 they released the third studio album entitled The Nite with the new singer and bassist. In 2015, with the entry of the new singer, the powerful Rob Della Frera coming from Raising Fear, with Yako Martini on bass, released their first Live CD entitled “Alive and Well”
Now, the legendary Love Machine, are back with the brand new album “Universe of Minds” which also sees the entry into the formation of the new and talented keyboard player Lele Triton.
An intense work made with the same passion and powerfully energy, the same qualities that for a long time they countersign.
With “Anyway”, this album starts in the best way possible, grim, roughness and the right dashing transportation into their heavy sound. Great guitars, raw voice that reaches the melodiousness, cool rhythms and brilliant keyboards, a huge intro for “Universe Of Minds”, one of the best track of this album, also still difficult to find one song better than another.
The follower track “Let’s Get Rock”, it’s not from less in power, this piece is accompanied by guarantees of the band’s experience, class and artistic preparation in the composition of passages of a certain level, in the whole own complexity.
The album flows linear in its aggression, reaching the third track “Compromises”, a song aggressive but gifted also of a melody that countersigns the music of Love Machine.
“Star Rider” succeeds in distinguishing from the previous pieces, a metal hard rock resulting almost symphonic. Absolutely a compelling great track, sure it will be a dazzling song during their live shows.
Love Machine gives us heavy metal again in “Point Of No Return”, another good shot, another example how their music could be stirring in any piece they compose, thrilling heavy guitars, great drum, brilliant voice.
Quiet time with a beautiful keyboards intro for “The Scorn”, this song is totally amazing, intensive, passionate, such a good work.
Chorus intro for “Scared For These Time”, other song other gift from this band, a suffered voice protagonist in this track, just another great song, as beautiful is the follower “Maybe (A Second Life Reality)” that succeeds in reaching epic sounds in some points.
Power ballad of the album is “Mama’s Call”, a deep and introspective piece, impossible not to fall in love of it to the first listening.
“Journey” make me thing to something between a sci-fi atmosphere and a classic heavy speed piece, extremely interesting and distinctive. 
To closing this album “Now Or Never”, another highlight in my opinion, a gloomy air looming on this song, resulting airy anyway with its emphasizes guitars.
With “Universe Of Minds”, Love Machine come back in with great style, proving once again (always that it is needed) their value in the Italian heavy metal scene.  Any kind of fault in this pretty perfect album, it’s difficult to scratch the rock…Welcome back Love Machine!

Valeria Campagnale



Love Machine - "Anyway" Official Video