Band: Lost Reflection Title: Trapped In The Net Genre: Hard Rock Label: Hellbones Record Release date: 15 May 2018

Band: Lost Reflection
Title: Trapped In The Net
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Hellbones Records
Release date: 15 May 2018

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1. God of Hate
2. Together as 1
3. Into The Social Network
4. Brand New Love Brand New Life
5. One Night In Your Bed
6. My Promised Land
7. Hollywood Dream
8. Master of Your Soul
9. Homeless Boy
10. No More Blood

Fabrizio Fulco - Vocal, Guitar
PJ - Bass, Backing Vocals 
Max Defender Moretti Drums, Backing Vocals 


Born in 1996 Lost Reflection takes their name from a Crimson Glory ' s song. At the beginning of 2005 Fabrizio Fulco (guit. voice) moves to Florida to join Crimson Glory 's guitarist Ben Jackson solo project, Ben Jackson Group, as bass player. After this great experience Fabrizio gets back to Italy to dedicate himself to Lost Reflection again and finally in 2011 the band signed for SG Records. The band will release 2 albums: Florida (2011) and Scarecrowd (2014). The band will share the stage, among the others, with Rain, Elektradrive, Adam Bomb, ex Hardcore Superstar Thomas Silver, Geoff Tate’s Operation: Mindcrime, ex Guns'n'Roses Gilby Clarke, Tygers of Pan Tang, Kissin' Dynamite, Nashville Pussy.
The album starts with the  dynamics “God of Hate”, a very strong piece with an excellent rhythm section and a stunning guitar solo, good the powerful voice, this’s just the beginning because Lost Reflection holds the tight pace for the whole album.
In fact, the second track is not less in terms of exquisite power, the band delights us with "Together as 1”, just another the classic 'slap in the face' that only some hard rock songs can give, in this piece Lost Reflection they continue their race through aggressive but catchy music that crushes the eye to a rock based on metal.
Brilliant is the follower “Into The Social Network”, 'plague' of our times when most people play hide and do not socialize more in the traditional way. Basically it is a very rock piece with a really good guitar and a refrain that manages to remain impressed in the mind. All framing a good vocalization sometimes very marked just to emphasize the theme.
A ballad intro for the song “Brand New Love Brand New Life” that's all but a slow song, although there is a lot of melody alternating with more markedly heavy lines.
“One Night In Your Bed” is such a classic hard rock piece, a cool track in which I can hear some echoes from Alice Cooper and Kiss for a very brilliant song.
“My Promised Land” is another good track, good rock music, more or less on the same lines of the previews song.
So catchy is “Hollywood Dream” with a less stifling and decidedly lighter atmosphere, very good musical and vocal imprint, a little Motley Crue old mold, absolutely one of the favorite songs of this album.
“Master of Your Soul”, if already with these songs the Lost Reflection have attracted my attention, with the song "Master of Your Soul" is a reconfirmation. fast pace, vocalization that always reminds me of Alice Cooper in its darker versions. Really a great, another piece definitely interesting, the other song I really love of the whole work.
The pressing rhythm continues with “Homeless Boy”, Lost Reflection don’t rest and continue to keep the level high, always with more then excellent guitars.
Already in the finishing line with the song “No More Blood”, obviously it can not be 'dirty' at the right point to keep the powerful line of "Trapped In The Net”, another captivating track with a solid base of good hard rock.
Bravissimi Lost Reflection, a very solid combo, with ten tracks contained in "Trapped In The Net", has managed to keep the hard rock spirit intact from start to finish, without altering its way of being.
Sometimes you run into a coherent band that does not sell out coming out of its musical logic.
If you love hard sounds, with hints of dark lines and looking for a group that can meet your expectations, "Trapped In The Net" is the one that's right for you!

Valeria Campagnale


Lost Reflection - “Together as 1”  Official video