Lightsout  Rotten Stramorten Genere: Punk Rock  Label: Rocketman Records, review

Band: Lightsout
Title: Rotten Stramorten
Genere: Punk Rock
Label: Rocketman Records
Release Date: 23 November 2018


Strøm Tapetti - Vocals / Guitar
Francesco Trebbi - Guitar
Stefano Caniati - Drums / Vocals
Riccardo Franzini - Bass / Vocals


1. Let The Record Play
2. Only You
3. The Show
4. The Summer Of Punk
5. Over The Melody
6. Angry Tonight
7. Stralenctum
8. Fall In Love
9. Into Space
10. When I’m Drunk (Put Stickers On The Cops)
11. The Cashier
12. Back To The ‘80s
13. Tom’s Story

Influenced by NoFx, Lagwagon, Bad Religion, Alkaline Trio, Vandals and Lightsout offer 13 new tracks on their new album "Rotten Stramorten". Personal and vibrant sound, transuding an eclectic melodic punk, jagged, rich in choirs, extremely charged with energy.
Taking inspiration from previous punk and hardcore roots and the unusual contaminations, classic and hard rock, choruses, vocal melodies, the band created a really good punk work.
The idea of the Lights Out punk music is never lost sight of, but new features appear unexpected styles: reluctant to add electronic bases, rap songs or digital sounds modern, however, have created a more rock punk from the musical point of view, and more sought from the vocal point of view.
Sometimes it happens to be able to hear again the good healthy punk, in the face of who repeats that it is now a dead genre. Of course, it's not the punk of the seventies, it has evolved, like all the rest of the musical genres, well, I said, listening to a good punk album, it's really a pleasure.
“Rotten Stramorten”, bizarre title, is just one of the best punk album, the attitude it’s clear since from the opener “Let The Record Play”.
The Lights Out punk music is colored with a more refined rock vein, as the song with which the Lights Out have anticipated the release of "Rotten Stramorten", it’s the captivating "When I'm Drunk", with a video that’s a tribute to the best science fiction cinema.
Good the track “The Summer Of Punk”, interesting “ The Cashier” so as for “Back To The ‘80s” or the last track “Tom’s Story”.
A record I must admit that it turns out never to be taken for granted and that manages to capture the attention piece by piece. A beautiful work of stylistic ingenuity and skill.
Guys, give a chance to this ironic, irreverent and carefree album, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Valeria Campagnale


Lights Out - When I'm Drunk (Put Stickers On The Cops)