Iconic Soul
 Hard Rock
 Lazy Records

Artist: Lazy

Album: Iconic Soul

Genre: Hard Rock

Label: Lazy Records

Date: 6th December 2017



01. Wake Up Call

02. I Don't Care

03. Love Poison

04. Cry Your Eyes Out

05. Iconic Soul

06. Journey to Eternity

07. Temple of Vanidicus

All good rockers know Norway is the new California, from a few years to this part, for what concern the fascinating world of glam and sleazy hard rock.
From Oslo, Lazy, formed by Lasse Bjerkan, Suicide Bombers’ ex-lead guitarist, from 2011-2017, released his first solo mini album “Iconic Soul”, containing seven brilliant e rough tracks.
The “Wake Up Call” introduce into this work, fusing a horror sound with a hint of hard rock, more than a minute of music that made us curios to carry on listening the rest of the album.
It’s just with “I Don't Care” that we’ve pure and genuine hard rock, a powerful song that throw us into Lazy’ universe, basic, essential and stylish.
Beautiful the third song “Love Poison”, with a clear echo to Aerosmith’s “Dream On”, let’s fall in love with Lasse’ voice.
Just rock’ n’ roll again with “Cry Your Eyes Out”, while in the title track“Iconic Soul”, we can find harmonies, a touching guitar  for a complete musical piece, well done.
With an intro made like a carillon, starts another very good piece, “Journey to Eternity”, a melancholy song, absolutely one of my favorite song in this album.
“Temple of Vanidicus”, the sound is a recall to horror movie at its beginning, to transmute in a brilliant rock track, with Aerosmith’ recall in somehow. Good guitar, great atmosphere for this piece.
“Iconic Soul” is a very good work, a record where breath the essential of hard rock with a touch of class, in seven intense songs. No politic, no religion, no polemic themes, just the passion for rock for an album made of decadent sound, glam, simple and enchanting music, just like every rock album could be.

Valeria Campagnale

Lazy  "I Don't Care" Official Video