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Artist: Lars Eric Mattsson
Title: Into the Unknown
Genre:  Classic - Prog Hard Rock
Label: Lion Music
Release Date: May 9, 2019

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01.  Killer

02.  Give it All

03.  Hole in My Soul

04.  Epilogue for a Broken Heart

05.  This is Your Storm

06.  Save Me
07.  Time to Change

08.  Into the Unknown

09.  Wind of Desire

10.  Too Close to the Sun

11.  Burning Hot

12.  Soul Mate

13.  Cry of a Leo

14.  Always Recall

11.  '57 Chevy

Lars Eric Mattsson - vocals, guitars, bass and keyboards.
Christer Jansson - drums
Alexander King – piano and keyboard solos

Lars Eric Mattsson, guitarist, composer and producer returns with the new solo album "Into the Unknown" whose release is scheduled for May 9 (via Lion Music).
The new album following ”Sand and Blood" released on 2017 and the non-album single "Vicky's Eyes" released the past year.
Fifteen amazing pieces that show the virtuosity and skill of this phenomenal guitar hero and, with a long career behind him also studded with great collaborations as Mark Boals and many more, "Into the Unknown" could only be exceptional.
Already with the opening track "Killer", we can listen to the excellent skill of Lars that between riffs and solo gives us a melodic song and at the same time aggressive thanks to a sustained rimica and a beautiful bass line. With this opener we can enjoy the magic that Lars can create with his guitar.
Literally surprising "Give it All", great guitar sounds that weave a brilliant musical carpet in which Mr. Mattsson moves lightly managing to transport the sculptor to new horizons. Between a sound power and a lot of melody, "Give it All" has an incredible groove. They are songs like this that I like to listen to, not only technical virtuosity but also a unique sound, capable of dragging 
“Hole in My Soul” is a quieter piece that instills a sense of peace, magically succeeding in leveraging the soul by being able to touch different emotions. A really delicate and refined piece in which the guitar phrasings appear as embroideries in the ether, really beautiful.
“Epilogue for a Broken Heart” is such a nice as such short episode, almost as if it wanted a continuation of the previous track.
“This is Your Storm” is pleasant piece that touches prog sounds and in which you denotes a familiarity with this sound, even in this song the guitar is a master.
Stunning the following "Save Me" that manages to balance a 'harmony here sophisticated, remarkable teamwork between guitar and bass and it is the latter that manages to infuse even more notes oriented towards a funky sound.
With "Time to Change" Lars gives us a very short song that, even if short, can be an interesting experience to listen to.
The title track "Into the Unknown", is how I expected a journey to infinity. Musically speaking, the sounds resonate ethereally in a delicate prog rock leaving a distinctive mark in this track. Another piece of a particular refinement and care that between the sound waves can create a synergy between the listener and the music. Definitely a highlight of this album.
"Wind of Desire" is lightly distanced from the prevous track, maintaining the delicate balance created by the previous "Into the Unknown", another brilliant track in which Lars gives us gems with his own riffs and solos.
Prog style again for "Too Close to the Sun", and again a short track.
With "Burning Hot" I have to take off my hat and congratulate Mr. Mattsson for the beautiful pearl he managed to create, between a classic rock contaminated by prog and soul, infused with an enchanted groove. Great guitarist who manages not to be taken by technicality but by his own soul, composing songs that can involve emotionally. 
"Soul Mate" comes close to being a ballad, soft and delicate song, while the next "Cry of a Leo" is basically a guitar solo.
“Always Recall” is a hard rock piece with prog references in which the guitar twirls again giving feelings “ The closing of this album, which unfortunately ends with "'57 Chevy", is rather nostalgic. As the title suggests, the rich music is those the fifties. Unfortunately, this song is so short that on the most beautiful, while you imagine on board a Chevrolet with the notes carried by the wind, ends.
“Into the Unknown” it's a fascinating album, one of those records I wish would never end, a musically perfect work. Remarkable the bass in all the tracks, an excellent drums constantly ready to support each track and the voice of Lars Eric Mattsson that manages to stay clear for the whole album.
Definitely a record that will be loved by both guitarists and those who love a mainly melodic rock.
Thanks Lars for your masterpieces.



Valeria Campagnale



Lars Eric Mattsson - "Killer" Official Audio