Band: Land Of Damnation
Title: Demon
Genre: Metal
Release date: 01 December 2017



Adrian Peppe - Vox, Guitars
DarkTranquillo J. - Guitars
Michele Alfano - Drums
Luigi "Towt" Smilzo - Guest Bass


1. Intro
2. Land Of Damnation
3. Tearing The Veil
4. Die!
5. Harmonia

The Italian metal band Land Of Damnation, born in 2014 is at work on the new material and therefore a new record, we go to listen to their  EP “Demon”;  who for the first time, who again.
The style of Land Of Damnation is influenced by different styles, from classic metal to thrash, passing through melodic death.
The piece that opens "Land Of Damnation", is in symbiosis with Maiden, I may hazard that the NWOBHM is on the whole what most affects the band and with this song, which bears the name of the band, is a synthesis of what it represents.
The rough and full voice, heavy riffs and a powerful rhythm are the ingredients that accompany us during "Tearing The Veil" in which appears a classic 'ride' and "Die!", which shines in itself for its power and its classicism.
With "Harmonia" we find rides and games of dark music, a song that stands out from the other songs, already interesting for the skill of the band but in this case with a more articulated structure.

Waiting for the album that will be certainly more full-bodied, the band has released the single "Voluspa", which I talked about in Insane Voices Labirynth , the Italian metal webzine created by Fabio Sansalone and I report my writing:


"Voluspa" is a single with echoes in the style of Maiden, a song that manages to catch from the beginning with a folk flavor continuing with guitars typically NWOBHM and a catchy chorus that manages to stay well impressed, all accompanied by a melodic line of good workmanship.
The bass line is very much in the style of Steve Harris and a voice that is very clear and powerful, a great track that would not disfigure at all in "Brave New World" by Iron Maiden.
In short, we look forward to the new work!"


The new regarding "Voluspa",  is on Insane Voice Labirynth HERE.

Land Of Damnation, are just the example, that the classic metal continues to enjoy good health and that this band is a flagship made in Italy to be proud of.



Valeria Campagnale