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Lance King
Title: ReProgram 
Genre: Prog Power
Label: Nightmare Records
Release Date: March 29th, 2019





Vocals: Lance King
Guitar: Kim Olesen (Reprogram and Technology), Markus Sigfridsson (“Stand your Ground,” “Limitless,” “Perfect World”) Matt Hodsdon (“Chaotica,” “Reaction Formation,” “Spell of Domestication”), Rich Hinks (“Pointing Fingers”, “A Mind at War”, “Wide Open”)
Bass: Rich Hinks (except on “Reprogram” and “Technology”)
Keyboard: Kim Olesen (Reprogram and Technology), Markus Sigfridsson (“Stand your Ground,” “Limitless,” “Perfect World”), Matt Hodsdon (“Chaotica,” “Reaction Formation,” “Spell of Domestication”), Rich Hinks (“Pointing Fingers”, “A Mind at War”, “Wide Open”)

Guest Artists (Featured Friends):
Morten GadeSørensen - Massive Grooves and Percussion
Fred Columbo - (Keys transition between “Wide Open &Chaotica”, solo on “Spell of Domestication” and “A Mind at War”)
Mattias IA Eklundh - (Guitar solo on “Wide Open”)
Jakob Riis - (Bass on “ReProgram” and “Technology”)




1. ReProgram
2. Pointing Fingers
3. Stand Your Ground
4. Technology
5. Reaction Formation
6. Limitless
7. Wide Open
8. Chaotica
9. Spell of Domestication
10. Perfect World
11. A Mind at War


Lance King, Balance of Power and Pyramaze vocalist, owner of the record label Nightmare Records, return after his latest album “A Moment in Chiros”, released on 2011, with this “ReProgram“ .
An  Etheric Progressive Power Metal in which Lance proves to be at ease, moving between a musicality certainly not simple.
The album's concept is based on the 11:11 time prompt phenomena happening to over 75 million people around the world, Lance is one of these people, and has dived in deep to find more about what it's all about. This album is one man's journey as a seeker of truth looking for answers to the world's greatest mysteries.
The title track, “ReProgram”, is a powerful piece with great vocal,  An exceptional musical structure, a great guitar solo and a futuristic setting. Interest is the theme dealt with, in which thought touches on the human and scholastic formation of children; as it has always been, the school but also the society itself, inculcates in young minds as it has always been, the school but also society itself, inculcates in young minds what is good and what is bad, the right and the wrong, trying to shape people from an early age.
In short, a lyrics that overlooks society with a strong music.
More airy sounds in the following track "Pointing Fingers" but that airiness that hovers in the song, is tinged with dark shadows become at times obsessive, in a swing of notes released by great guitars and the voice itself.
An excellent rhythm for a piece that sees the guitar solo by Rich Hinks.
What can I say, chaupex!
“Stand Your Ground” is just another powerful song while with the innovative “Technology”, Lance King outperforms itself, excellent piece with jazz-sound and prog style.
Electronic and ambiance sound in “Reaction Formation”, as well as in “Wide Open”.
Chaotica” creates a brilliant  atmosphere with its musical structure and its execution, great musicians!
Absolutely no less impressive is “Limitless”, just another piece that makes this album impressive.
Then follow “Spell of Domestication”,  “Perfect World” and “A Mind at War, three pieces of powerful prog style enriched by metal resonances that manage to increase the thickness of the album.
“ReProgram” is  a prog power intertwined with different styles which Lance King managed to create a great work. His innovative style is undeniable, the muicians who worked with him are simply greatest.



Valeria Campagnale



Lance King - “Pointing Fingers” Official Video