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Band: Korzo
Title: Inspire
Genre: Progressive Rock
Label: Lion Music
Releae Date: 12 April 2019


Jacob Erock Moses - vocals

Dimi Rich - Guitars/Bass/Backing Vocals/

Additional Keyboards Myroslav Danko - Guitars/Bass/
Additional Keyboards David Ulrich - Drums/Percussion
Choir on "In the End" by: Dimi Rich Myroslav Danko Jacob Moses

02.Stay Alive
03.In the End


Korzo, founded in 2013 by Dimitriy Pavlovskiy (aka Dimi Rich),  the Ukrainian band has already released on 2013 the EP “Long Way to Shore” and albums “Polarity” on  2014 and “Supremacy” on 2017. Now, Korzo are back with the brand new album “Inspire”, via Lion Music, on April 12.
Eight delicate songs, progressive rock that oscillates between prog and indie-grained music, they transport us into a very delicate atmosphere, sometimes intimist, sometimes darker and sometimes into a vortex of rock.
A dynamic album with its different musical facets in which, as I said, we go from the elegance of songs like the opener "Greatest" or "Stay Alive" with an intro south country to more powerful songs like the beautiful "Aimless".
Throughout the album we find powerful guitar riffs and a voice that manages to modulate between scratching and more melodic timbres.
Melodies that we can find in the song "Alabaster", in which the band manages to give an excellent presentation itself.
The excellence of "Inspire" is that it doesn't stand out in a particular way one song rather than another, every single song is a journey for its own sake, every song is a piece that goes to compose this little masterpiece.
Great also the track "Odyssey" that closes the album, soft but at the same time electric, a track in which stands out the excellent bass.
In short, if you want to cover a different sound in the panorama of an alternative rock, a label that in itself remains too strict, Korzo is the band for you and "Inspire" will not disappoint you.

Valeria Campagnale



Korzo - “Greatest” Official Lyric Video