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Band: kNowhere
Title: Spiral
Genre: Alternative Rock
Label: Volcano Records
Release Date: 8/02/2019


Line Up:
Federico Cuffaro - Voices & Guitar
Bruno Chiaffredo - Drum
Mario Daudo - Bass

1. The Fly
2. Imploding
3. The Sword
4. Envy
5. Taking Time
6. Tsunami
7. Ulisse
8. Pride
9. The Seed

kNowhere  began their own journey in the winter of 2016 as a duo formed by Bruno Chiaffredo (drums) and Federico Cuffaro (Vox/guitar). In 2018 Mario Daudo joined the band as a bass player and kNowhere recorded their first album called “Spiral”, released via Italian label Volcano Records.
“Spiral” contains nine tracks of new  alternative rock of dark and intimate atmospheres; a philosophical concept wrapped in an aura of mystery and esotericism.
The album, anticipated by the singles “Envy” and “The Seed”, examples of the concept of the Turin group, is a work with both sad streaks and exciting turns because of the atmosphere created.
Just with the two single extracts, you can understand the dark side of kNowhere but with songs like the outstanding ballad “Taking Time”, the sensations you can experience are common to all of us, a romantic side always with shady shades.
“Tsunami” a perfect title for the sensations the music gives, a wave that submerges with all the nuances of alternative rock.
The perception of the desire to know what will happen in our lives, what it will have in store for us in “Ulisse”.
Fresh-sounding  for “Pride” which, while remaining a dark piece, manages to bring out a musicality (well-structured) that manages to emit flashes of light.
Great voice, very present guitars and a good rhythm section for this album.
 kNowhere are a pleasant rock discovery in the Italian context, a growing panorama made of great bands like this one.
Clearly a band that deserves much in the music field for the novelty it offers, an original and whimsical work, definitely another new album worthy of note for 2019.


Valeria Campagnale



Knowhere - “The Seed” Official Video