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Band: Kings Will Fall
Title: Thrash Force.One
Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Eigen Beheer
Release date: 2017


1. In Dead & Mud & Misery
2. Toxic War
3. Shots For Glory
4. Burn All Fuel
5. Endless Pain
6. Damage Crown
7. Buster
8. Gängster 1948
9. We Are Motörhead (Motörhead Cöver)

Lukas Gross - Drums
Daniel Vanzo - Bass
Rene Thaler - Guitar
Fabian Jung - Vocal

Kings Will Fall is a Thrash Metal band from South Tyrol/Italy, founded at the end of 2013 by drummer Luk Gross and bassist Daniel Vanzo. Quickly Rene Thaler joined the band, a well-fitting and capable guitar player. A short period after also Fabian Jung joined as the bands lead vocalist. Stylistically the band is leading towards the old school Thrash Metal with some influences of Death Metal and even some traces of punk in the vocals.
“Thrash Force.One”, debut album from Kings Will Fall released the past year, via Eigen Beheer, contains nine track of pure Thrash Metal with musical striations of Death Metal.
The intro “In Dead & Mud & Misery”, introduce in the theme of this work, driving us to the real one track “Toxic War”, an instinctive piece where the aggressive music is alternated with clear speed guitars and growl vocals.
On the same style is “Shots for Glory”, power and aggressively with brilliant guitars and good rhythms that remind me the first Megadeth.
Another mean track is the follower “Burn All Fuel”, absolutely excellent is the drum work, the backbone of the entire song.
The next “Endless Pain” is another well done track, growl style that never abandons the lyrics, alternated to clear vocals.
Strange piece is “Damage Crown”, a mix of punk and metal, different track to the rest of the album. “Buster” and “Gängster 1948” are other two tracks full of angry and fury, other two piece where the band shows their music style plus, in “Gängster 1948”, a rock mark that intersects with their sound.
The album is closed by the Motörhead’s cover “We Are Motörhead”, rough, bitter and mean version, a good trib ute to one of the most important band who made the hard and heavy history.
“Thrash Force.One” is a good album in the Thrash field, especially for Italian one, I just suggest to take a listening to Kings Will Fall’s album, sure you’ll like it if you’re Thrash’ fans.


Valeria Campagnale

Kings Will Fall - “We Are Motörhead” (Motörhead Cover)