Band Kickstarter Ritual Title Ready To Take A Ride Genre: Hard Rock

Band Kickstarter Ritual
Title Ready To Take A Ride
Genre: Hard Rock
Label Self-Release 
Release date: Digital in October 2017 Physical April 2018


1    Cooperate   
2    Messin Around   
3    Too Old   
4    Dirty Old Town   
5    Nanananana   
6    The Man On The Hawlin' Machine   
7    Get It On   
8    Hazy Days   
9    The Cities Are Burning (whit Rock'n'Roll)   
10    Kiss My Gun   
11    Ready To Take A Rid   


Fortu: Drums - Lead Vocal

Juliusz: Lead Guitar 

Gaby: Bass  - Voice

Kickstarter Ritual an Italian rock’n’roll l trio with stoner-influences, born in 2013 Fortu (drummer already cofounder of the glam metal band Houston), assembled a venture of captivating r’n’r. With bassist Francesco, (stoner band Shloos), and guitarist Goran, released the EP “Black Mama”, followed by the single “Cooperate” that saw the Danzig cover “Mother” on B-side.
In 2016, Juliusz, founder member of the glam rock band Hollywood Pornostar, replaced Francesco on bass, with him, the band released in 2017 their first LP, “Ready to Take a Ride”, followed by a tour in Europe. 
Goran quit the band and, and the band continued as duo to play with the new member  Gaby, (cofounder of the band Houston) with a change for Juliusz that shifted  from bass player to guitarist, and Gaby on bass.
They finally released the new album “Ready To Take A Ride” in October 2017.
The album is open by the already known track “Cooperate”, a Seventies influenced hard rock piece  woven with blues veins.
“Messin Around” and “Too Old” don’t differ from the previous track, but the second one, is pretty attractive in its sound, atmosphere and its Seventies tradition’ mood. “Dirty Old Town” is another good piece, well played and good music.
The follower stoner bluesy rock song “Nanananana”, is another respectable piece and so the same for “The Man On The Hawlin' Machine” but it’s with “Get It On” that this band surprised me, pretty good almost in T.Rex style!
Brilliant is the acoustic “Hazy Days”, while absolutely gorgeous is “The Cities Are Burning (With Rock'n'roll)” and just the same mood for the closing track “Kiss My Gun”.
“Ready To Take A Ride” is good album, full of Seventies feelings made with love for rock and roll, just let’s  Kickstarter Ritual take you to this their journey.


Valeria Campagnale





Kickstarter Ritual - "Too Old"  Official Video