Band: Kazah
Title: Feed Your Beast
Genre: Hardcore Metal
Release date: 1December 2017
Label: Ghost Label Record


2.Never Look Back     
3.Straight Ahead 
4.Before I Die 
5.Modern Slave         
6.Another Me 
7.Hope and the Truth     

Bodnár Péter lead vocal
Szabácsik István guitar
Adamcsik Zsolt guitar
Németi Zsolt drums
Stephen Ollak bass.

Kazah based in Hungary, was formed in the summer of 2014. Their style is Hardcore Metal, combining heavy riffs with aggressive vocals and catchy grooves.
"Feed Your Beast” is their new album, recorded at the Miracle Sound Studio in Hungary, which was released online, at 1st of December 2017. Actually the band has signed with the Italian Ghost Label Record.
Very particular this album, starting from “Puppets” that opens it, a fresh rough piece of metal, that kind of track shows how will be the rest of the album.
Good the second track “Never Look Back”, very strong, with gloomy sound that continuing for the entire piece. Good bass line, obsessive rhythms, heavy guitar and the guttural vocals dominates all the passages.
Music style changes with “Straight Ahead”, more aggressive, rough and wild with musical lines that comes to touch speed metal with a melody in its rough sound one of the best points of “Feed Your Beast”.
Absolutely brilliant the song “Before I Die”, one brilliant piece of this album, good riffs and vocals made a respectable sound for this track. 
The influential granitic tracks of the album are in the tail of the album, “Modern Slave”, “Another Me” and “Hope and the Truth”, such brilliant heavy pieces.
A mention apart for the closer track “X/S”, this’s one of the highpoint of  “Feed Your Beast”, in which Kazah show their excellent heavy rock side.
In short, Kazah made a compacted work, where Bodnár Péter shows his different style of song, Szabácsik István and Adamcsik Zsolt with their heavy brilliant guitars, Németi Zsolt with his powerful drums and Stephen Ollak with his brilliant bass. Rising stars into metal scene.
A good album for hardcore metal lovers, very recommended.


Valeria Campagnale





Kazah – “Straight Ahead”  Official Lyric  Video