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Artist: Joe Stump
Title:Symphonic Onslaught
Genre Hard Rock - Heavy Metal
Label: Lion Music
release Date: March 11, 2019


Joe Stump- all guitars

Francisco Palomo - keyboards/bass
Hector Jaramillo -drums

1.Demonic Trance

2.Hit The Deck

3.On With The Action

4.The Beast Within
5.Facemelting Devastation
6.The Road To Ruin
8.Swedish Assassin

9.From The Maestro's Book
10.Mayhem Ensuues

11.The Bullet Train Express

Guitar hero Joe Stump returns with his new solo album “Symphonic Onslaught”.
The legendary Alcatrazz with ex-Rainbow/MSG singer Graham Bonnet replacing Yngwie Malmsteen and Steve Vai, gives us a  valorous work in which his technical impetuous way of playing and incomparable talent guitar are the main elects.
Vehement eleven tracks in which Mr. Stump manages to be eclectic, striating to the opener “Demonic Trance” in which effectively musicality manages to capture in a kind of trance, fascinate and carry. An absolutely dreamy piece and you just have to close your eyes to imagine Joe touching his guitar and give us these wonderful notes.
“Hit The Deck” is another splendid cascade of notes in which Joe manages to wrap us in a velvety mantle with vibrant symphonic trails.
Another great track is "On With The Action" oriented towards a heavier metal than the previous tracks but where the melody can smooth even the most angry sides.
“The Beast Within” offers a dark atmosphere where the killer riffs seem to sink into a melancholic blanket, giving the song an almost magical touch.
Even more metal is the next "Facemelting Devastation", touches of speed and a tight rhythm, make this piece an 'assemble' mighty and massive.
Joe Stump brings us back to a more dreamlike atmosphere with "The Road To Ruin", a touch of elegance for this album that makes us miss absolutely nothing.
After making us dream and catch our breath, Joe resumes with his vigorous guitar in "Stratocastle", a song that ranges in the most classic hard rock seventies, with pindaric virtuosities.
Literally fascinating "Swedish Assassin", a song that reaches epic and symphonic hints, even with this song our guitar hero manages to bewitch, a few minutes but really intense.
The same high-sounding atmosphere for the following "From The Maestro's Book" in a darker key than the previous song but that's when it's completed. Another fascinating and involving track.
"Mayhem Ensuues" is a climbing of notes, the more the piece advances, the more it elevates us, fast riffs, which show a mastery of a few equals. Of course Mr. Stump doesn't have to prove anything to anyone, his talent is innate and it's wonderful to listen to his creations.
"The Bullet Train Express" ends the album in an enchanted and refined way, a song so intense that it makes you capture the soul, the same with which Joe creates these superb guitar embroidery, there couldn't have been a better ending to such a perfect album.
Joe Stump i once again reveals himself as one of the best musical geniuses and of extraordinary skill and technique.
Of course, applause also goes to Francisco Palomo, keyboardist and bassist, and drummer Hector Jaramillo, who have done an impressive job throughout the album.
Who knows if there will be an opportunity to see him play live in Italy, waiting for that to happen, let us be lulled by his magnificent latest creation.

Valeria Campagnale


Joe Stump - “On with the Action” from “Symphonic Onslaught” Album