Imperial Jade, On The Rise, rtockers and other animals, review

Band: Imperial Jade
Title: On The Rise
Genre: Classic Rock/Hard Rock
Label: Wormholedeath
Release date: 21 December 2018



Arnau Ventura (Vocals)
Alex Pañero (Guitar)
Francesc López Lorente (Drums)
Hugo Nubiola (Guitar)
Ricard Turró (Bass

1. You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
3.Sad For No Reason
4.The Call
5.Glory Train
6.Lullaby In Blue
7.Keep Me Singing
8.Heat Wave
9.Rough Seas
10.Struck By Lightning

The rock band Imperial Jade comes from Maresme, in Barcelona, born in 2012 it sound bring us back to the 70’s rock.  The band already released their first record “Please Welcome Imperial Jade” (2015).
"On The Rise” it’s a vintage record, in cui la band si rivela essere eccezionale, sia nella composizione dei pezzi, che nell’ eseguzione.  
Already with the opener "You Is Not Seen Nothing Yet", the band shows his attitude and that with catchy funky, he makes a very well chosen piece as in the following "Dance" and "Sad For No Reason", in which rock classic dominates, demonstrating its own soul and its own style.
Psychedelic and seventies rock for "The Call", one of the best pieces in my opinion, as it turns out to be a complex composition and that's exactly what makes it a really interesting piece.
Exceptional also "Glory Train" in which even more the seventies are an inspiration for these young Catalan musicians.
Blues touches for "Lullaby In Blue", a deep sounding song, very engaging.
Very captivating is "Keep Me Singing", with the keyboard that acts as a musical carpet for the whole piece.
What about instead of "Heatwave"? With its southern rock veins, a nice groove rock and extravagantly brilliant guitars.
Intricate and seductive the following "Rough Seas", another exceptional song, while completely different the atmosphere in "Struck By Lightning" in which light and dark sensations follow the music that composes it, a song that stands out from the whole album and that closes it beautifully.
Imperial Jade with "On The Rise" created such a good album, full of positive and electrifying energy.


Valeria Campagnale


Imperial Jade - "Heat Wave" Official Video