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Band: Hootenanny Freaks
Title: Freakshow
Genre: Hard rock

Record Label: Secret Entertainment
Release Date: 26th March 2019

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1. Jake Brake

2. Brooder

3. Freakshow

4. Breakaway

5. Killer Joe

6. Eileen

7. Two Down

8. Whatever

9. Storm is Rising (Remix)

10. Rebel Soul (Remix)

11. Mean Man Killer (Live)



Pepe Tamminen – vocals
Marko Kuurne – drums

Marko “Montte” Leino – bass

Esko Kemell – guitar

Aapo “Api” Häyrinen – guitar & keyboards

After 2 EPs and 25th anniversary single, “Full Steam Ahead” the Finnish band Hootenanny Freaks has released their first album, “Freakshow”. The album is mainly a selection of material made by the new line-up and singer during 2016-2018, eleven tracks rooted in 70’s and 80’s sounds.
The opener “Jake Brake” is pure hard rock with reminiscences of the early Mötley Crüe, the rock attitude and sound typically eighties, like the bursting guitars and a heavy rhythm.
A different style has “Brooder”, more closest to a modern rock, catchy piece easy to remember and always with great guitars.
“Freakshow” with its chorus, is closest again to the 80’s with shadows of classic rock style, good song to
note as one of the most beautiful tracks of the album.
A must-have ballad,  the acoustic “Breakaway”, such a good very melodic and delicate vocal interpretation
makes this song very intense and thanks also to the guitar solo. Another good piece.
Heavy riff in the intro for the following “Killer Joe” track that continues with a heavy rhythm, coming to this piece, you can see that the band is very good in its musical multifaceted and I really like that.
Rock’n’ll for “Eileen”, Hootenanny Freaks can also be rockabilly, with the addition of southern rock, a fresh piece with which to stand still is impossible. Don't tell me this band is static!
If you have a cowboy hat, you can wear it to listen to “Two Down”, it’s seems our Italian western movies so dear also to Tarantino. The atmosphere is pretty joyful and it’s quiete impossibile don’t like this song.
“Whatever” it brings us back to heavier sounds in which the keyboards are able to support the entire track with a great melody.
The following songs are two remixes of Hootenanny Freaks old pieces “Storm is Rising” and “Rebel Soul“, while the piece that closes the album is the live version of “Mean Man Killer”. 
Hootenanny Freaks is a hard driving rock and roll band that with this album manages to make its way into the jungle of rock with a different spirit, carefree and sometimes deep in the themes of the lyrics.

Valeria Campagnale



Hootenanny Freaks - "Mean Man Killer" (Live 2019)