Heroes Don't Ask Why, Sound Of A Broken Heart, review

Band: Heroes Don't Ask Why
Title: Sound Of A Broken Heart
Genre: Melodic Rock Metal
Label: Divorce Records
Release date: 15 May 2018


1. Poisoned Well
2. Twisted Paradise
3. 15th of May
4. My Dear Friend
5. Wooden Box
6. Blink of an Eye
7. Sound of a Broken Heart
Jussi Pajunpää – vocals, leadguitar
Matias Kaunisvesi – guitar, bgv
Johnny Kivioja – bass, bgv
Kimmo Puhakka – drums

Heroes Don't Ask Why is a Finnish melodic rock metal band formed in 2015. Their debut self-titled EP, released in December 2016, got good reviews and radio airplay in many countries from Finland to Australia. Band toured Finland with some high profile acts.
Twin-guitar attack is both aggressive and in the next moment, mellow melancholic bluesy flow of notes. There’s a clear hint of a Scandinavian metal roots but with added quest for a tender guitar work.
They entered Studio in April 2018 to record a follow-up seven song EP named Sound of a broken heart and they have deepened their style with this release.
Seven powerful songs in which the band shoes a brilliant soul mades of metal mixed with a dark imprint   The opener “Poisoned Well” reaches epic tops with its thrilling Matias Kaunisvesi’ guitar riffs, the prominent rhythm of Kimmo Puhakkaand’ drums, the good bass line of  Johnny Kivioja and last but no least, the melodic voice of Jussi Pajunpää.
“Twisted Paradise” continues with powerful metal, setting aside the epic to show a more speedy sound, while the third track “15th of May” is bent piece in which melodies join a brilliant guitar solo.
Closer to the Maiden style is the good “My Dear Friend” while “Blink of an Eye” is the classic heavy metal piece in which the band shows a strong soul and a potential creativity.
The title track “Sound of a Broken Heart” closes this very interesting EP, a song which contains all the elements of this whole work, melodies, power, creativity and very marked musical expression.
Personally I find this band very interesting that nothing has to envy to famous groups, Heroes Don't Ask Why is a group that I can wish to achieve great goals because bands like thi, are the future of a metal that will never die.


Valeria Campagnale



 Heroes Don´t Ask Why - “Twisted Paradise” Official Audio