Hair Puller, Old Friend, punk, hardcore, rockers and other animals, review

Band: Hair Puller
Title: Old Friend
Genre: Punk - Hardcore
Nadine Records(Vinyl)
Accident Prone Records(Cassette)
Release date: November 16, 2018



Steve Seal- Drums/ Backing Vocals
Ledena Mattox- Bass/ Vocals
Eric Leavell- Guitar/ Vocals


1. Trash Fed
2. Old Friend
3. 2000 Doubts
4. House And Home
5. Chores
6. Waste
7. Long Memory
8. Diamond Thighs
9. Head Down
10. Valley Of Fire

Hair Puller has released their debut album “Old Friend”on November 16th 2018. anticipated by singles “Chores” and “Waste”. “Old Friend” is available on vinyl by Nadine Records, and on tape by Accident Prone records. 
Ten songs in which riffs flowing with such a good rhythm and the voice sting as a dart.
The opener “Trash Fed” is a pretty good start for an album like this “ Old Friend”, it’s a slash, as it is the whole album, the fiery guitars are, with a rapid and unrestrained rhythm, the pillars of this work.
Brilliant the bass line in the title track “Old Friend”, a pretty hard song in which the band
it seems to scratch, with long sharp nails that seem to come out at any moment.
A good intro for the following “2000 Doubts”, one thing is certain, there is no doubt about the musical and technical skills, I absolutely love the bass of this band.
“House And Home” is another slap in the face, both for the musical power, and for the voice that until now I have not mentioned, which is confirmed in this fourth song, definitely powerful and really right for the kind that Hair Puller offers.
Involving is also “Chores”, as the other song “Waste”, in which both song aggression and fury go hand in hand for such good pieces of pure hardcore and punk.
It’s “Long Memory” to wait me behind the corner and I have to admit that it is one of my favorite tracks of “Old Friend”, it will be for his gloomy sound mixed with a deep sense of introspective, or it will be because it hovers in it a sense of vertigo, a spiral from which it is not possible to free myself. Such a good piece guys!
Brilliant as well is “Diamond Thighs”, excellent rhythm and great skills.
“Head Down” penultimate passage, it is also an interesting piece, short but conceptually punk, short and that manages to catch on the listener.
“Valley Of Fire” catatonic, deepest, interesting and definitely addictive.
Hair Puller is absolutely a band to keep an eye on, from Portland with fury.

Valeria Campagnale