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Band: Hadeon
Title: Sunrise
Genre: Progressive Metal
Release date: 12 December, 2017


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1. Thoughts 'n' Sparks 
2. Chaotic Picture 
3. I, Divided 
4. Never Thought
5. Lightline 
6. Hopeless Dance 
7. Sunrise 

Federico Driutti - Vocals, Keyboards
Fabio Flumiani - Guitars
Alessandro Floreani - Guitars
Gianluca Caroli - Bass
Lorenzo Blasutti - Drums

Maurizio Lavarone (Track nr.1)
Simone Morettin (Track nr.4)
Raffaello Indri (Track nr.7)

The Italian band Hadeon was formed in 2014 by Alessandro Floreani (guitar), Fabio Flumiani (guitar), Federico Driutti (vocals and keyboard), Gianluca Somma (bass) and Lorenzo Blasutti (drums).
In September 2015, Gianluca Somma was replaced by Gianluca Caroli on bass.
With the new line-up, the band finally completed the preparations of its first full-length album, Sunrise, which was released on 2 December 2017.
On the same day, Emanuele Stefanutti officially replaced Lorenzo Blasutti on drums.
Hadeon music style is made by flowing experimental music, solid melodies and non-conventional chorus-verse.
The band is influenced by Dream Theater, King Crimson, Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd, Marillion, Porcupine Tree, just to name a few.
Hadeon has released their first album “Sunrise” at the end of 2017 and added on Spotify in 2018.
The album bases its roots in the nature of the human being.
 By using music as a communicative element, Hadeon identify some of the disorders and illnesses that affect the modern man.

Such dramas are manifested as characters that tell their stories to the listener through the songs.
Throughout the listening, the songs become gloomy and examining the most desperate cases.
The intent of the album, focuses on the search of oneself through sorrow, on the need and the will to always find the remedy even in the most extreme cases to end the distress and return to the light.
To define the music of the Hadeon simply prog metal, is to enclose their genius in a single context, while their style is so wide that it ranges for different musical atmospheres.
The opener “Thoughts 'n' Sparks” is simply amazing with a wide sound weaving hypnotic rhythms, prog, synth and a voice that manages to be both melancholy and suave, brilliant guitars in this piece, made such a good musical opening on this journey through the seven tracks that make up the album.
“Chaotic Picture” is another upright track where the music starts slow and very sweet and then flows into crescendo of notes to let the voice enter also in this piece in a very sweet and sad mood.
More harmonious is “I, Divided”, one of the highlight of this album, in some line so indie style in my opinion.
Literally amazing is “Never Thought” that remind me the old music from Roxy Music, great sound, huge music style, just another prodigious piece of this album, with its melodic way and the beautiful voice. You’ll will love this song.
“Lightline” is on the same style of the previous track but more progressive and more articulated with an alternation between calm moments and others more aggressive.
Powerful is “Hopeless Dance”, a very good swinging in quiet lines and dominant moments which see guitars become animated in a vortex.
The title track “Sunrise” closes the album and it does in a magical way, emotional music, expressive voice and ethereal sound.
“Sunrise” contains seven small (for way to say) masterpieces, a very good album in which Hadeon express themselves in the best way possible.
This work will be loved by all the prog music fans, and trust me, this album deserves the whole possible attention. One of the best album I have listened in these last months. Good Hadeon!



Valeria Campagnale


Hadeon – “Thoughts 'n' Sparks” Lyric Video