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Artist: Gulliver Sideburns
Title: Two Sides and the Truth
Genre: Melodic Rock Hard Rock
Release Date: 2015



1. Roll The Dice
2. Searching For The Light
3. One Last Little Thing
4. Memory of Your face
5. Afraid
6. One Of A Few
7. Forgive Me
8. Truth
9. Rising Above
10. Break-in’ The Chain
11. Never Let Go
12. All Because Of You

Gulliver Sideburns all instruments

Gulliver Sideburns is a multitalented musician and songwriter based in Helsinki, Finland, released
the album “Two Sides and the Truth” containing twelve brilliant rock-pieces.
It’s pretty clear that Gulliver is a good talent, and also  if this album was released in 2015, is actually fresher and rocking.
The best thing about this record, in addition to the fact, I repeat, to be well played, is the variety of styles that compose it, you go from the typical sound of the seventies, to the most modern and through the unforgettable 80's with additions of a psychedelic sound.
The result is a fresh and varied mood with the result that this album manages to satisfy more musical tastes.
Basically, Gulliver Sideburns' solo project is the result of a one-man band in which he gives us excellent songs such as  the opener “Roll The Dice” in which the rock’n’roll is the main protagonist with a good temper.
“Searching For The Light” is a funky rock piece with a good groove, while the following “One Last Little Thing” is a really delicate and harmonious song in which our Gulliver, shows us a softer side while remaining tied to what is his style, funky hard rock. More softener is “Memory of Your face”,  even more delicate and soft song for a velvety song like a ballad, while with "Afraid", Gulliver Sideburns directs us towards other lands with a sound that, although it remains delicate, has a greater rhythm and a different approach.
"One Of A Few" is as funky as it is beautiful, I like this mix of styles and the phrasing guitar. A very interesting piece that oscillates between rock fusion and a stronger sound.
With "Forgive Me" the quiet atmospheres come back, the time to be lulled by the notes, that comes a harder song "Truth" while with "Rising Above" you can relax again with this interesting piece.
"Break-in' The Chain" reminds me of Red Hot Chili Peppers songs with a beautiful bass line while with "Never Let Go", Gulliver makes us live the atmosphere with a guitar as the protagonist.
To close this album we find the beautiful "All Because Of You", another ballad, very delicate and emotional.
A well played and well produced album for Gulliver Sideburns, if you love a melodic rock with different nuances, "Two Sides and the Truth" is the album for you.

Valeria Campagnale



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