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Band: Greystone Canyon
Title: While the Wheels Still Turn
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release date: March 9th US, Europe and Canada on Rockshots Records
March 12th Australia on HellFire Records


1. Keeping Company With The Dead
2. Astral Plane
3. In These Shoes
4. Cinco Cuerda Bandito
5. Take Us All
6. Sombrero Serenade
7. River of Fire
8. Path We Stray
9. The Sun Sets

Darren Cherry - guitar / vocals
Luke Wilson - drums
Rich Vella - guitar
Dave Poulter - bass

Greystone Canyon is an Australian band that will release their debut album “While The Wheels Still Turn” on March 9, 2018, in Europe, U.S.A and Canada through Rockshots Records and on Hellfire Records in Australia on March 12, 2018.
 “While The Wheels Still Turn” was recorded at Goatsound Studios in Melbourne, Australia, and mixed in Canada, by none Glen Robinson.
Nine songs inspired by 70s and 80s hard rock legends like Led Zeppelin, Alice Cooper and Megadeth, just to name a few.
A country intro for “Keeping Company With The Dead”, while the album continues with “Astral Plane”, guitar in Van Halen style but sooner the track is tinged with heavy veins that obviously make the piece wild in its rhythms and sound, good the voice that succeeds in holding head to the instruments, brilliant proof for this band.
More melodic is the follower “In These Shoes” maintaining however a heavy rock style, directly and incisive, another good piece contained in this album, great guitars swells.
“Cinco Cuerda Bandito” an atmospheric intro that leaves space some to the time to the persuasive guitar and bells tolling. A short musical piece creating a particular atmosphere for this track.
Back to hard rock, with a melodic line in “Take Us All”, an additional good piece that shows how can rock Greystone Canyon, they succeed with their music, to keep the listener attentive to their album.
Another guitar insert with “Sombrero Serenade”, it could be very well in the soundtrack of a Tarantino’ movie.
Passionate is “River of Fire”, a slowly softly piece, while more epic lines in “Path We Stray”, both two excellent songs, nothing is missing in this album, in pieces’ succession.
“The Sun Sets” closes the album in western atmosphere, gently and melodious.
What can I say except that “While The Wheels Still Turn” is a brilliant album!
Very good pieces, a beautiful atmosphere wrap the listener.
Give a chance to this band, it will doesn’t disappoint you with their class, good work guys!

Valeria Campagnale




Greystone Canyon – “Astral Plane” Official Audio