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Band: Gone Cosmic
Title: Sideways In Time
Genre: Psych - Soul - Rock
Label: Kozmik Artifactz
Release Date: 12 April 2019




1. Dazed
2. Deadlock
3. Siren
4. Faded Release
5. Turbulent
6. Misfit Wasted
7. Bear the Weight
8. My Design


Abbie Thurgood - Vocals
Marcello Castronuovo - Drums
Devin “Darty” Purdy - Guitar
Brett Whittingham - Bass

From Calgary, the Gone Cosmic band introduce into a space voyage with the album “Sideways In Time” with its brilliant eight tracks.
Fusing Psych music with soul rhythm and some prog, this band manages to intrigue in its own style.
The real heart of Gone Cosmic is the 70’s rock style with the addition of a good dose of modern sounds and such a good female voice.
“Sideways in Time” is an elegant album in which the band offers since the beginning with the track “Dazed”, a superb proof of the the skill of these musicians, great piece to start this album, as gorgeous are all the songs that make up this debut.
The emotional music follows in “ Deadlock” touch of elegance continues to hover throughout the song with its deep guitar sound in a velvety atmosphere in which prog influences flutter.
Brilliant is the following “Siren”, excellent rhythm section walks and accompanies a psych guitar sound, as well as “Faded Release” another elegant piece in which Abbie’s voice is very harmonic and melodious
in a sort of lullaby that changes direction in an irresistible powerful piece. How can we not appreciate a song like that?
Prog mood for “Turbulent” with a brilliant psychedelic guitar, hypnotic intro for “Misfit Wasted” a mesmerizing and embracing piece characterized by the persuasive voice and great psych guitar solo, one of the best track of this album, so intriguing and fascinating song.
“Bear the Weight” is another interesting prog style respectable track, while “My Design” is a delicate piece intimist and softer, and here unfortunately ends our journey around this record, one of those albums you wouldn't want to end.
Gone Cosmic have a great deal of sophistication sound and the result of their attitude is enclosed in this beautiful album, a grand debut which heralds a solid career for this band.
If I were you, I'd listen to them, I'd sure as hell listen to them again and again many times.

Valeria Campagnale


Gone Cosmic - “Deadlock” Official Audio