Gigantomachia, Atlas, Melodic death metal, epic metal, Agoge Records

Band: Gigantomachia
Title: Atlas
Genre: Melodic death metal/epic metal
Label: Agoge Records
Release date: 9 March 2018



1 - Rise Of Cyclop (intro)
2 - Eye Of The Cyclop
3 - Liberate The Titans
4 - Immortal
5 - Aldebaran
6 - Abyss Leviathan (intro)
7 - Leviathan
8 - Atlas
9 - Scylla & Cariddi

Barabba (Bass)
Alessandro (Guitar solo)
Nicola (Drum)
Davide (Ritmic guitar and vocal)

The Italian band Gigantomachia was born in in Alatri (Frosinone) thanks to the bass player Lorenzo Barabba Suminier, who thus realized the dream of starting a Death Metal band.
The monicker is linked to the legend of Alatri, the city of the Cyclopes, and to Greek mythology.
After some changes, the current line-up is composed by Davide Angelo Pietrantoni (vocals), Lorenzo "Barabba" Suminier (bass), Alessandro Caponera (solo guitar), Stefano Severa (rhythm guitar), Nicola Frate (drums)
The line-up is still compact, strengthened by a solid live activity: the band has played in various Italian festivals, such as Rometal Festival 2017, Sinistro Fest and has shared the stage with Genus Ordinis Dei, Hellretic, Disturbia, Nebulae and with many other bands in the metal scene.
An ancient but overbearing album, an ancestral and metallic sound. Scratchy guitars and inhuman growl for an epic and dark death metal.
The epic intro “Rise Of Cyclop”, take straight to the musical heart of Gigantomachia with the track “Eye Of The Cyclop”, a deep guttural voice and a massive sound. Gigantic guitars, pressing and sustained rhythm and the gloomy and intense voice in this piece, will accompany, without a sign of decline, for the entire album.
“Liberate The Titans” same intensity for this track as well. Good rough and stormy heavy sound, young musicians who have nothing to envy to major groups.
The follower track “Immortal” is one of the most highlight of the album, the bass and drum intro is simply amazing, it’s just the rhythm that sustains the whole piece, framed by stunning guitar parts and the vehement lyrics. A song in which the whole band shows what it’s made of: grim, tenacity and passion.
Another great bass intro for “Aldebaran” one of the four royal stars of the ancient Mesopotamia, the brightest one.  Aldebaran inspired the band to compose this singular, absolute interesting piece, the sound results less bleak and its music glows a different atmosphere.
“Abyss Leviathan” a short intro, introduces to “Leviathan”. The monstrous and fearsome creature present in different cultural contexts, relives in this song made of a strong composition, excellent the guitars work and the throaty voice.
The beautiful “Atlas” in which the Greek divinity is the unquestioned protagonist, and just like the Pillar of Heaven, the band supports an excellent sound and an admirable musical composition, brilliant piece that continues to support the group's skills.
“Scylla & Cariddi” closes this album. The legend set in the Strait of Messina. In this piece the intensity of their stories, a vehement music tales the tale of  Scylla, "She who tears" by pulling the sailors from their ships whenever they pass near her hole in the Strait and Cariddi, "She who sucks". Rapid and irregular currents, colliding give rise to huge vortices that terrorized the sailors. So the music of this track is fast, a clash of sounds that swirls to bring us in a pure vortex.
“Atlas” is a very good debut album for the Italian Gigantomachia, their granitic metal intertwined with legends and mythology tales, will like to every melodic death and epic metal.


Valeria Campagnale


Gigantomachia- "Aldebaran"