Band: Getaway Van
Title: Getaway Van
Genre: Rock, Alternative Rock
Self release
Release date: 23 February 2019


Track Listing:

1. Intro 

2. Branches 
3. Comin’ Back 

4. Follow Me
5. Ugh 
6. Blacktop Mistress  

7. You Make Everything

8. Lord I’ve Been Running  

9. So Long
10. Outro

Line Up:

Devon Sutherland – Drums

Zach Fox – Bass / Vocals

Derek Lionas – Guitar / Vocals

Charlie Cole – Guitar Vocals

Based out of Vancouver, BC, Getaway Van was formed when Derek Lionas (guitar/vocals) and Charlie Coles’ (guitar/vocals) previous band fell apart. They found Devon Sutherland (drums); a drummer fresh in Vancouver from Kelowna. He then got his roommate, and childhood friend, Zack Fox (bass/vocals) to pick up a bass and join the boys. Their next logical course of action was making some straight up rock n’ roll, the best ways they knew how.
In 2018, Getaway Van recorded two EPs, Brokedown and Burnouts and in February 2019 they are geared to released their debut self titled full length featuring the single ‘Lord I’ve Been Running’. It’s foot-to-the-floor rock n’ roll that shakes rooms like a straight piped V8. Bringing roots of stoner rock, blues, punk, and folk, a Getaway Van performance is your very own experience of controlled chaos.
Getaway Van starts this album with a very interesting intro, piano melodies and a rich atmosphere that slowly accompany to the second track “Branches”, just the opposite of the previous one, guitar riffs and psycho sound,  raw and hypnotic, good piece for this charismatic band.
 “Comin’ Back”, one of the singles released, does not detach from the previous track, but imprints the sound in an even more heavy direction with good guitars and excellent rhythm section, an excellent piece with a good vocal.
“Follow Me” is definitely  my favorite. Absolutely brilliant the bass line, good groove and rock roots.
With “Ugh” the band explore a contaminated hard rock, so pleasant to listen to it, excellent guitars as in the whole album.
“Blacktop Mistress” is pretty heavier and with a very rhythmic rhythm that accompanies the voice, this time more rough that abandons the melodic tones, such a good piece.
“You Make Everything”  is another song I really love, groovy sound one more time, rock and roll soul and a catchy refrain. I absolutely like the mood of this piece, gradely and absolutely not subdued for this band!
“Lord I’ve Been Running” is the other single released from this album, a bit southern, a bit heavier, a mixing of genre well shaken.
Well, “So Long” it is not far behind, it is another really interesting song for its composition and musical structure.
“Outro” it is, I suppose, the continuation of the intro. If in the first track, the musical air of the piano is lighter and more relaxing, in this piece, the sound becomes shady.
Getaway Van reached the top of their discography.


Valeria Campagnale



Getaway Van  -  “Comin' Back”