Band: Game Zero  Title: Rise  Genre: Hard Rock / Metal  Label: Agoge Records Release date: 4 December 2015

Band: Game Zero
Title: Rise
Genre: Hard Rock / Metal
Label: Agoge Records
Release date: 4 December 2015


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1. The City With No Ends  
2. It’s Over  
3. Now  
4. Fallen  
5. Don’t Follow Me  
6. Time Is Broken (Rise)  
7. Lions And Lambs 
8. Purple 
9. In Your Shoes 
10. Unbreakable 
11. Look At You  
12. Escape

Mark Wright - Vocals, Rhythm Guitars

AlexIncubus - Lead Guitars

Domino - Bass 

Dave J - Drums

“Rise” it's one of those albums that I hit on the first impact for its American rock roots, for the chorus and the thrilling riffs, for its easygoing sound.
To present it are the Italian Game Zero, name inspired by "Zero Spiel" gambling, a band in which noted names into Italian scene, guitarist Alexincubus (solo guitar, former "Theaters Des Vampires"), Dave J. on drums ("Utopia", ex "Dragonhammer"), Domino on bass and the brilliant singer Mark Wright.
A dazzling debut album containing twelve pieces of rock – metal, a bit sentimental for those like me who grew up with this genre signed the eighties and this sound is appreciated already from the first notes of the opening “The City With No Ends” in which we can find a guitar in Slash’s style in its beginning.; a fresh and catchy piece to start this album.
“It’s Over” and “Now”, the follower tracks are so captivating as well with a rough sound and excellent chorus, Alex’ work on guitars is pretty good. “Fallen” is another great shot, absolutely a good piece in which the bass is vivid and clear.
More heavier are  “Don’t Follow Me” and “Time Is Broken (Rise)”, this one  always with a catchy catch and an irresistible sound.
“Lions And Lambs” presents heavy notes in which drums and bass are quiet vivid, while simply amazing is “Purple” with its rough and heavy notes, arriving to reach different shades from the rest of the previous songs.
In the follower track “In Your Shoes” we can appreciate the raw sound again, while in “Unbreakable” there’s the typical 80’s style, hair metal a go-go that the undersigned, regardless,
A punk vein into the greatest “Look At You” with a great guitar solo, a good licked song, while 
“Escape”, a semi ballad to close this album.
Game Zero made a pretty good work with “Rise” and if this’s their debut album, I just can’t wait to listen to their new work.
For all easygoing hard rock lovers, for all nostalgic rock golden era, this’s the album to have.

Valeria Campagnale

Game Zero - "The City With No Ends" Official Video