Band: G.L.A.S. Title: Planet Music Genre: Hard Sleaze Rock, review

Band: G.L.A.S.
Title: Planet Music
Genre: Hard Sleaze Rock

Self release

Release date: 2008

Samuele Bonardi (Vocals)
Alessandro Moschini (Bass Guitar, Keyboards)
Thomas Bottaini (Lead & Rhythm Guitars)
Fabrizio Tribolini (Drums)

1. Speak to My Heart 
2. Planet Music
3. If You Walk Away
4. Highway
5. Nothing Left to Say
6. I Cry Alone Tonight
7. Heartbeat City
8. Your Dreams
9. Wings of the Night

G.L.A.S. they were an Italian hardrock band founded in 1986 by bassist Alessandro Moschini
and by the drummer Sergio Leonetti to which the two guitarists were added Massimo Cappelli (also singer)
and Alessandro Innocenti. After the publication of a demo, made to turn in many local radio and that served
the band to get the first live dates, in 1988 the group released the mini-lp "Audax Vincit", released
in 520 copies and today a sought-after collector's item by vinyl collectors related to the metal movement
Italian 80s. After some training changes the band was put under contract by the Musical Box
Promotion of Klaus Byron, then curator of the Italian Metal space on Metal Shock and on Flash The contract yielded to the band the first pages of the two magazines and a good promotion of the group throughout the national territory
and culminated with the publication of a piece on a cd compilation.Il 1992 saw the entry into the line up
of keyboardist Freddy Delirio (H.A.R.E.M. and Death SS. Later Alessandro Moschini played in H.A.R.E.M.
publishing the second demo with them) but the band broke up a year later due to the instability of the training.
Over time the band has reformed and again dissolved several times, the last of which in 2008. The last line up was composed by Samuele Bonardi (Voice), Thomas Bottaini (Guitar, former Vice Dolls) Alessandro Moschini (Bass) and Fabrizio Tribolini (Battery). With this training at the end of 2007 the band enters the studio and records the album "Planet Music" but remains in a drawer until November 2018 when the bass player and founder Alessandro Moschini decided to distribute it online. The group broke up in 2010. Training original will be reformed in 2014 during a couple of concerts at the request of the municipality of Pescia (PT), organizer of the same. In 2017 Alessandro Moschini together with Sergio Leonetti, the singer Gianluca Niccoli and the guitarist Luca Caretti forms the melodic hardrock band HAND ON HEART.
This is the story of a band that unfortunately did not find the right outlet in Italy. I say unfortunately because this album reveals musical skills that should not be underestimated.
Since the opener “Speak to My Heart”, it’s clear the music quality of G.L.A.S. with power and thrilling guitar, of which we can enjoy a brilliant solo. Powerful the rhythm section goes on in “Planet Music”, in which we can find an alternation of pure hard rock and melodic moments.
“If You Walk Away” has such a catchy sound and a memorable refrain that makes the song really sparkling.
More sober and with powerful riffs is the following “Highway” in which the guitar always emerges to run through the whole structure.
So sleaze the sound of “Nothing Left to Say”, such a brilliant rhythm with Van Halen’ echoes, while “I Cry Alone Tonight” is classic semi ballad that every respectable hard rock album contains.
In this piece the voice is more calibrated compared to the previous songs, in which it alternates according to the rhythm and following a musical line of each piece
As everyone knows me, not loving ballads and slow rhythms, I can say I'm happy that the next song “Heartbeat City” is adrenaline and once again in pure hard rock spirit, catchy and easy to listen.
“Your Dreams” it's another quiet song, in which melody and really hooking riffs alternate.
Speedy and catchy enough the piece that closes the album, “Wings of the Night” it’s the perfect track to end an album so varied and  full of positive vibes, an album containing excellent ideas as well as sounds, which shows the professionalism of the musicians.
“Planet Music” will no doubt like the fans of sleaze glam sonority. The only flaw in the sound quality, a more optimal production would have been perfect.



Valeria Campagnale