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Band: Forth
Title: Captivity

Genre: Hard Rock / Alternative / Grunge

Label: Secret Entertainment

Release Date: March 1st 2019


Brian Forth: Vocals, rhythm guitar, piano/keyboards
Tim Norrgrann: Lead guitar, backing vocals, programming
Mikael Söderbäck: Bass guitar, backing vocals
Eric Von Hertzen:Drums & percussion

01.  Master and Slave
02.  Black Angel
03.  On Top of the World
04.  Higher Ground
05.  Twist of the Knife
06.  Can't Bring Me Down
07.  Own Worst Enemy
08.  Can't Help Falling in Love
09.  Let Me In
10.  Bad Moon Rising
11.  Can You Feel My Love
12.  Never Alone

Hard rock and grunge flavor, harmonies and memorable melodies for  Forth  band. Formed in 2010, Forth’s first album, “Road Stories” will released in 2014, now the band is back with the new album “Captivity” that brings Forth back to their grunge roots.
Released via Secret Entertainment, the album contains twelve gritty songs.
Old hard rock guitar sound and heavier mood for the opener “Master and Slave”, a piece that inspiring dusty American roads, melodic and aggressive at the same time, a good song to open this rich album with various influences such as blues.
More soft is the follower “Black Angel” first single taken from this album, with classic riffs that we like so much, a hard rock piece with 90’s influences.
Seventies flavor for the intro of “On Top of the World”, the second single released. which continues in a solid rock  while “Higher Ground” is a good melodic power ballad in which the voice results powerful and delicate, both solid and enveloping, quite excellent the guitar and the rhythm section.
Beautiful guitar intro for “Twist of the Knife” and another melodic ballad “Can't Bring Me Down”, both brilliant pieces.
Elvis revisited with the cover “Can't Help Falling in Love”, the third single and video, a punk rock version for this classic, piece accompanied by a nice cartoon video in which we can find a modern King of Rock.
So catchy is “Let Me In “, one of those songs that can put in good humor and that
you would listen to more than once
“Bad Moon Rising”,  cover of Creedence Clearwater Revival, an elegant piece with its Seventies sound and the delicate version of Forth.
“Can You Feel My Love”is such another good piece, the elegance of this band it is not denied for the whole album, but it is with songs that results in a particular way.
Brilliant piano for the closing “Never Alone”,  song that goes to count among the best songs on the album.
“Captivity” is absolutely one of the best records so far removed for this 2019, modern, fresh, sometimes melancholic, and above all variegated, influenced by more genres but remaining well anchored to a hard rock with grunge roots.



Valeria Campagnale


Forth - “Can't Help Falling In Love” Official Lyric Video