Fateful Finality Mankind Thrash Metal Record Label: Fastball Music

Band: Fateful Finality
Title: Mankind
Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Fastball Music

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1. Intro
2. Autonomous
3. Now More Than Ever
4. Mouth Plug Money
5. Blind Eyes
6. Forsaken
7. Killed Alive
8. Savage
9. Deadpan
10. Fear of the Unknown
11.Soil Soaked Blood
12. The Evil In Man
13. Rampage
14. Plaque In The Rain

Patrick Prochiner- Vocals, Guitars
Simon Schwarzer- Vocals, Guitars
Phillip Murder- Bass
Mischa Wittek- Drums
Third album for Germany band Fateful Finality, born in 2007, the musicians self-define as “Skull-splitting Thrash Metal".
 In 2006 they ‘ve published a Demo entitled “Space 21”, a homonym EP in 2009, “King Of Torture” saw the light in 2011, four years after the band published “Battery”.  “Mankind” is the new album, out via Fastball Music and released on 2017.
Their proposal is a modern-style thrash metal without forgetting the teachings of the past, in fact the major influences as well as bands like Exodus or Testament also come from Machine Head, Trivium, Lamb Of God.
the particularity of the German band is the sung shared by the two guitarists, Simon Schwarzer most aggressive and Patrick Prochiner occupies in the clean sections giving variety to the songs.
The new album “Mankind” is decidedly more mature than the previous one, where very fast parts are alternated with others slower and more reasoned; with a certain personality the band manages to produce an interesting record.
A short intro opens this album, then, the first track, “Autonomous”
 in a faster way the band introduces the listener into a storm made by aggressive notes and rough voice. Good start for “Mankind”!
Good hearty Thrash make an alive sound in “Now More Than Ever” where the coarse voice is intertwined to massive guitars and heavy rhythms that made this track very powerful.
A fast and incisive song with mid-tempo passages assisted by excellent rhythmic solutions is “Blind Eyes”, another brilliant track is “Forsaken”, good riffs and good thrashing sounds.
A bit different is the track “Savage”, almost in ‘70s mood in its riffs and musicality, but for sure is pure and genuine Trash.  Even more thrasher are the follower tracks “Deadpan” with brilliant guitars, “Fear of the Unknown” where the mood still heavy and the bass line excellent, “Soil Soaked Blood” just a other track of pure furious metal. 
Bright “The Evil In Man” in its plot of groove, angry music style with an almost tribal rhythms, “Rampage” another good song.
“Plaque In The Rain” is the moderate flash of the entire album, a highlight moment worthy of interest, where vocals are more protagonists and the tones change in a gentle touch, a beautiful song.
Fateful Finality is a good band and “Mankind” shows how Trash Metal will never die, it evolves in different shades and ways as this band is one of the protagonist of the new metal era.
Fateful Finality are promoted for their inspiration and fancy.

Valeria Campagnale

Fateful Finality - "Now More Than Ever" Official Video