Artist: Erotic Psycho  Album: The Lost Boyz  Genre: Hard Rock / Sleazy  Label: Artgates Records Release date: 2 February 2018

Artist: Erotic Psycho
Album: The Lost Boyz
Genre: Hard Rock / Sleazy
Label: Artgates Records
Release date: 2 February 2018


1.Mainstream Whore

2.Lost Boyz

3.Hot Gun Killer

4.The Only Way is Down

5.Sweet Suicide

6.Squirt Baby Squirt

Stinky Boy Blues

We'll Go Wild

Suite in Hell

10.Rock'n'Roll is not Dead (You Are)

Nando Saints - Vox
Jay Martino - Guitar
Lokki Sixx - Bass
Frost Moore – Drums

From Valencia with rock! Erotic Psycho are four sleazy guys in love with 80s American Rock ´n´ Roll, who met quite by chance and decided to make a band to unleash all the music that was in their heads and hearts. Two years after the EP entitled “Sex You Up!”  distributed by the American legendary label Demon Doll Records, the band is back with the brand new album “The Lost Boyz” with Sleazy Rock with a street and party-fueled sound. Sharp guitars, raunchy vocals, catchy choruses & tons of attitude. This album means sex, drugs & Rock'n'roll.
Good adrenalizing start with the opener “Mainstream Whore”, 
 from the old school taste, a little Guns 'n' Roses style with good rhythms and right attitude to the sleaze mood, scratchy guitars and a catchy sound and a good bass line, all tied up by a perfect voice on the line. Pretty good start!
And if the opener does not convince you, you will change your mind with the following track “Lost Boyz”, absolutely great, an explosion of hard rock, Pretty Boy Floyd and Poison influences, and a very personal touch in the sound. Absolutely another excellent piece of sleaze.
The follower “Hot Gun Killer”
 continues to give no respite and the band manages to keep up with the basic rhythm with which it started, wild, reckless and energetic pure rock in this track in which Erotic Psycho shows how many grit and passion has.
“The Only Way is Down” it’s just another wild ride on the sleaze carousel, so catchy in the chorus as the music as well.
It continues to rock with “Sweet Suicide”, with a perfect Van Halen guitar at the beginning of this track, this track is a mixture of all the 80’s influences revisited today. All good glam sleaze rockers are grew up with all the mites  of the golden hard rock age, as this band as well as me. Love this piece!
“Squirt Baby Squirt
” it does not depart absolutely from the pieces proposed until now, excellent rhythms and good bass, thrilling guitars and attractive biting voice.
Bluesy sound for “Stinky Boy Blues”, absolutely brilliant track of appealing mood, simply perfect in everything, that kind of songs to sing and swing to a live show.
Lighter the follower “We´ll Go Wild”, good chorus, catchy sound and good approach to reach rockers’ hearts.
Some country sound in “Suite in Hell”, heavy music twisted with an impressive soul. Erotic Psycho has a great spirit and attitude, as well as their skill.
Great closing with “Rock ´n´ Roll is not Dead (You Are)”, rock& punk track full of sinuosity style that will capture you for sure.
“The Lost Boyz” is a very cool album, ten songs made with all the passion for rock,  Erotic Psycho is a band who deserve attention for all  Glam and Sleazy Hard Rock lovers.
Good work guys!

Valeria Campagnale



Erotic Psycho - Promo 2018